Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our 3 most favourite Christmas books!

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          As I write this post, I just realize that there's just 1 week left for Christmas! Only 7 days! And we haven't yet finished school and term tests are hovering on our heads! It will be only Friday that we actually get down to prepare for our Christmas celebrations. I am immediately transported back to 10 years ago when me and my sister used to decorate Xmas tree and hang our stockings and wait for Santa Claus to bring in the gifts. (Obviously we both were big enough to know the unreal Santa Claus showering us with gifts - but so what?)

          This year, I'm pretty much excited to celebrate Christmas with my daughter who is 3 now. Unlike last year where I (The Santa Claus I mean!), just gave gifts, this year, I plan to deck up the tree and do everything related to Christmas - be it baking or cooking Christmas recipes with my kiddo, writing a letter to Santa or doing some simple craft to hang up our Christmas tree!

          But our bedtime ritual has already begun by reading Christmas books. And so, here I present 3 of our favourite Christmas books!

Stickman by Julia Donaldson -
          Oh, Julia Donaldson is our favourite in the household and I admire her for her simple stories which require a lot of imagination! How in the world can she transform a mere stick into a man with emotions is just out of my reach. In this book, a family of sticks is residing in a branch of a tree. One wintry morning, the Stickman goes jogging where a dog upon seeing him, uses him to play fetch and run with his master. The story goes on to describe how each of the characters use it for their profit without even once paying attention to the Stickman's emotions. I like Julia's way of using the stick as a twig for a nest, as a mast for a flag, as a toy for the dog, as a hook for a bag and so on. But alas, the Stickman is drifting away and away from home and here, his wife (Stick Lady) and his three kids(Stick Children) long for him as it's Christmas! Guess who helps to make him unite with his family - Of Course, the Santa Claus!! Axel Scheffler has done a wonderful job of carving a man out of a stick!

Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner -
          Here is another author who gives life to snowmen in this story. A little girl has just erected her snowman and is now wondering how must they be celebrating Christmas? She concludes that they must be sneaking in the night to have a gala time with other snowmen when the humans are fast asleep! She imagines that the snowmen decorate their Christmas tree with balls of snow, the mommies lay all cold treats like ice cream and snow cones to eat (eating ice creams in the freezing cold!). With all the dancing happening, comes along Kris Kringle (Santa Claus made of snow) to distribute his snow gifts with reindeer (again of snow!) pulling the sleigh. After having a merry time they return to their homes with big dainty smiles spread on their faces! Charmingly illustrated by Mark Buehner, this books is a must-read especially now!

How many sleeps till Christmas? by Mark Sperring
          This is a story of Daddy Grizzle and Little Pip wherein Little Pip is impatient and just wants to know when it will be Christmas. As all toddlers can't understand the difference between 5 minutes and 5 hours, Daddy Grizzle patiently explains to him that its still 4 more sleeps (read 4 nights) for Christmas to arrive. Daddy Grizzle has a lot of work to do each day but Little Pip just can't keep his excitement and wakes his dad early everyday asking if today is Christmas. Finally, Daddy Grizzle draws 3 suns and 3 moons to show how far is Christmas. They both decorate a tree, invite friends over for Christmas, and wrap presents for each other. Finally, on Christmas Day, it's Daddy Grizle who wakes up Little Pip and points that indeed today is Christmas! I loved this story for the fact that it shows a father, for once, as the main caregiver! How charming is it to read what all does he do for his Little Pip. I also loved the page where they wrap their 'No Peeking' presents to be given to each other by sitting in a way where their backs face each other! And if you have an impatient kid at home trying to know when will it be Christmas, do read this book!

          Well, these are our favourites! Do tell us about your favourite Christmas books which you read to your kid! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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