Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our 3 most favourite Christmas books!

HO - HO - HO!

          As I write this post, I just realize that there's just 1 week left for Christmas! Only 7 days! And we haven't yet finished school and term tests are hovering on our heads! It will be only Friday that we actually get down to prepare for our Christmas celebrations. I am immediately transported back to 10 years ago when me and my sister used to decorate Xmas tree and hang our stockings and wait for Santa Claus to bring in the gifts. (Obviously we both were big enough to know the unreal Santa Claus showering us with gifts - but so what?)

          This year, I'm pretty much excited to celebrate Christmas with my daughter who is 3 now. Unlike last year where I (The Santa Claus I mean!), just gave gifts, this year, I plan to deck up the tree and do everything related to Christmas - be it baking or cooking Christmas recipes with my kiddo, writing a letter to Santa or doing some simple craft to hang up our Christmas tree!

          But our bedtime ritual has already begun by reading Christmas books. And so, here I present 3 of our favourite Christmas books!

Stickman by Julia Donaldson -
          Oh, Julia Donaldson is our favourite in the household and I admire her for her simple stories which require a lot of imagination! How in the world can she transform a mere stick into a man with emotions is just out of my reach. In this book, a family of sticks is residing in a branch of a tree. One wintry morning, the Stickman goes jogging where a dog upon seeing him, uses him to play fetch and run with his master. The story goes on to describe how each of the characters use it for their profit without even once paying attention to the Stickman's emotions. I like Julia's way of using the stick as a twig for a nest, as a mast for a flag, as a toy for the dog, as a hook for a bag and so on. But alas, the Stickman is drifting away and away from home and here, his wife (Stick Lady) and his three kids(Stick Children) long for him as it's Christmas! Guess who helps to make him unite with his family - Of Course, the Santa Claus!! Axel Scheffler has done a wonderful job of carving a man out of a stick!

Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner -
          Here is another author who gives life to snowmen in this story. A little girl has just erected her snowman and is now wondering how must they be celebrating Christmas? She concludes that they must be sneaking in the night to have a gala time with other snowmen when the humans are fast asleep! She imagines that the snowmen decorate their Christmas tree with balls of snow, the mommies lay all cold treats like ice cream and snow cones to eat (eating ice creams in the freezing cold!). With all the dancing happening, comes along Kris Kringle (Santa Claus made of snow) to distribute his snow gifts with reindeer (again of snow!) pulling the sleigh. After having a merry time they return to their homes with big dainty smiles spread on their faces! Charmingly illustrated by Mark Buehner, this books is a must-read especially now!

How many sleeps till Christmas? by Mark Sperring
          This is a story of Daddy Grizzle and Little Pip wherein Little Pip is impatient and just wants to know when it will be Christmas. As all toddlers can't understand the difference between 5 minutes and 5 hours, Daddy Grizzle patiently explains to him that its still 4 more sleeps (read 4 nights) for Christmas to arrive. Daddy Grizzle has a lot of work to do each day but Little Pip just can't keep his excitement and wakes his dad early everyday asking if today is Christmas. Finally, Daddy Grizzle draws 3 suns and 3 moons to show how far is Christmas. They both decorate a tree, invite friends over for Christmas, and wrap presents for each other. Finally, on Christmas Day, it's Daddy Grizle who wakes up Little Pip and points that indeed today is Christmas! I loved this story for the fact that it shows a father, for once, as the main caregiver! How charming is it to read what all does he do for his Little Pip. I also loved the page where they wrap their 'No Peeking' presents to be given to each other by sitting in a way where their backs face each other! And if you have an impatient kid at home trying to know when will it be Christmas, do read this book!

          Well, these are our favourites! Do tell us about your favourite Christmas books which you read to your kid! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mommy, I am bored! 9 practical tips to overcome this during Diwali holidays!

     - Mommy, I am bored!
     - So, watch cartoons.
     - No, watched it already.
     - Then, go and play on Ipad.
     -  No, I want to do something exciting. All my friends have either gone out for holidays or are unwell. What should I do?

          Come holidays and this situation is repeated in each and every household. I remember we used to get 3 weeks of Diwali holidays and we used to be out of our house at the first opportunity. All our colony friends used to gather around to practise for cultural programme, draw rangolis, make imaginary forts of Shivaji with mud and bricks, spring-clean our houses and stick ourselves on the kitchen counter to check what's going to roll out from the steaming kadhai! I think we never had time to say we were bored!

          Cut to today's situation - nuclear families, double income generating parents, kids living in daycare centres, and most importantly no time on hands for dabbling in simple creations has led the kids to get bored. Yes, the onus lies on us. Imagine for how much time will they watch TV? Or for that matter, play games on Ipad.

          So, I am listing here some ways for parents to enjoy your holidays with your kids without making yourselves fret out and the kids also can have a gala time.

  • Shopping - Diwali is the time for shopping. Make sure that you plan your shopping well in advance so that there is no last-minute rush. Involve your kids in making shopping lists and try to take them along. Kids enjoy to shop for crackers, diyas, lanterns etc.

  • DIY - Some things like diyas, greeting cards, sweets etc. can easily be made at home if parents have time. You can also draw rangolis in front of your house. Kids will enjoy in creating something of their own and it is also time well - spent. Be ready to supply all the materials to the kids. It can also be a great bonding time between you and your child.

  • Movies - Watch some children's films related / unrelated to Diwali. This is the only time when children can spend 2 hours at a stretch. Have open-hearted conversations asking what did s/he like in the movie, what was the story about etc.

  • Stories - Tell stories about Diwali to make them understand our culture - why do we celebrate Diwali?, What is it's importance? etc.

  • Journey - If time permits, go on a short Diwali break. Encourage them to note down or make a scrap-book of what they saw, what did they do there. Tell them to note down important snippets like climate, food, people, culture, natural topography etc.

  • Visit to an orphanage - Take your children to an orphanage or an old-age home since this is the best time to inculcate generosity in your kid. Explain to them that not all people are as fortunate as you and hence, you are liable to spread festive cheer in others too. Your kids will be humble and more respectful of what they have without you admonishing them for wasting things.

  • Play-dates - Organise play-dates in your neighbourhood so that only one parent will have to look after all the kids instead of everyone having their kids at home. Kids also gain some experience in social behavior. Also, they themselves will be able to judge what liberties they have which are not allowed in other households.

  • Help in the house - Involve your children and encourage them to help you in cleaning your home. Give them small tasks wherein their decision-making skills will evolve. Like, tell me where should we place our lantern?

  • No TV - And more importantly, restrict their TV time by encouraging play through sports, board games etc.
          I hope these tips will help to tide over not only Diwali Holidays but also Christmas and Summer vacations fruitfully. So, what do you think of these tips? How would you like your children to spend their Diwali Break? Leave a comment if you also have some tricks up your sleeves.

Have a very Happy and safe Diwali!

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Monday, 29 September 2014

My darling, My Sunshine!

          This is an open letter addressed to my daughter on her 3rd birthday. She is so small to understand what I want to let her know so I'm writing for her which she can read when she grows up.

Dearest Swara,
          Hello my darling. It's your birthday today. I can't believe three years ago, you entered my world and made me a mommy. The term which is given a godly status - I am experiencing it to the fullest. 'Children are most dependent on mothers' is an apt saying. But here, I wish to tell you that even I'm dependent on you. Do you want to know how?
  • I'm dependent on you to witness all those magical milestones which you have achieved till now and will continue to achieve.
  • I'm dependent on you for laughter which is so contagious that one giggle from you when I'm in a foul mood melts my heart away.
  • I'm dependent on you to enjoy childhood again with you. It gives me immense joy when I'm spending time with you - through reading, laughing, having silly conversations, watching movies etc. Of course, there are hair-raising moments or moments when I just don't want you to be near me. But, again, remember that this is because I may not want to hurt you or pour someone's anger on you.
  • I'm dependent on you for that ray of sunshine which you have brought in my life.

Thank you for filling my life with joy and teaching me that happiness can be found in the most mundane of things.
Have a very happy birthday and looking forward to many many more with you!
God bless you my angel!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Happy 1st birthday!

          Time just flies!....    And now, it's time to rejoice!.......   

          Cause I complete one whole year of blogging here. Yes, I'm experiencing that feeling. How it feels that I have been blogging for the last one year! OK, so what if I have been a bit irregular in it. But still, looking back, it seems that I managed to achieve so much and sail through it.

          Now for the part where I couldn't be regular. Given my just-born professional venture, Reading Rabbits Library, parenting, family, etc., blogging took a backseat! Let me rectify myself here - this blog took a backseat, since I already have a blog dedicated to my venture and I post there often.

          When I started my blog, I was so raw, inexperienced, confused about what to write. I learnt so many things about blogging and continue to learn everyday. I made so many new friendships with awesome bloggers and asked their opinions and sought answers to my queries. I follow so many blogs and am amazed to read their wonderful posts secretly wishing why I couldn't think of that to write or when will I be able to write so well!

          For now, I'm being content and hope to improve myself in the coming year in terms of quality, quantity and my blog design.

          And now, folks, it's time to cut the cake. See you soon!

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

#Lovebook Exchange - I can make things!

#Lovebook Exchange -

          As I already stated here that I'm taking part in a book exchange program hosted by The Educator's Spin On It! I'm so excited since it's happening for the first time in India and I am glad to have met so many good fellow mommy bloggers during this program.

          As I said it is a book exchange program, so we had to pack a complete set consisting of a book and some art and craft activities related to the book and send it to the recipient. You can browse here as to what did I send to Prajakta and her lovely daughter Kuhu.

          Along came a package neatly wrapped for me and Swara, my daughter by a well-known story-teller and a mommy blogger Rituparna Ghosh. It contained a bi-lingual book called 'I can make things' authored by Mini Shrinivasan and published by Pratham Books. Inside were not one, not two but four different activities and a beautiful hand-written note carrying all instructions for us! I loved her detailing where she drew some illustrations if we encountered a problem while doing the activities. She was very thoughtful to provide her contact no. so that we could call her if we got stuck! Thank you Ritu!

          Well, as for the activities, I let Swara do most of the things like sticking and pasting so you will have to please forgive her for not getting it up to the mark. I didn't interfere much as I wanted to give her complete freedom in choosing where to stick stars, embellishments, paper bits etc. So, you will see that the final craft is neither symmetrical nor color-coordinated as to everything depended upon her fancy. Oh, can you see all blue stars placed in one line over here?

          We had to do four activities - an octopus, a butterfly mobile, a princess crown, and  four fishes for a HOOK-LINE-SINKER game! We started off with the octopus and finished with the butterfly at last. Since there were four activities, I spaced them out over a week along with the book reading so she could get ample time to also play with her crafts. She was so excited every time to do something new as it also gave her ample opportunity to create something with her own hands. She would proudly show all her family members what she did that particular day!

          I am attaching our snaps here which are all self-explanatory and which also convey how much fun we had in creating these craft elements.

Well, what can I say! I had a wonderful time bonding with my daughter over this program! And I thank Ritu especially for sending us such a wonderful package. Last but not the least, thank you Kim for hosting this in India and BubbleInk for your efforts to make it happen here!


Monday, 14 July 2014

#Lovebook Exchange

   Love Book Exchange

                    A lovely opportunity for Indian Mommy Bloggers to participate in a book exchange was provided and I jumped at the chance. It was hosted by The Educator's Spin On It. Actually, it was hosted outside India but thanks to persistent efforts of a fellow mommy blogger Kim of The Educator's Spin On It hosted it here too.

                    I must say that I'm glad to be taking a part in this exchange. The books exchanged are fabulous. Along with the books, we need to create an activity circling around the theme of the book and also provide all the articles for it in the package.

                   Phew! The past days went so quickly that I was in a frenzy about which book to be given for exchange. The first difficulty was that it should not be duplicated. Second, it should be understood and liked by the exchange partner. Thirdly, you need to devise activities based on the book. I spent a lot of time hunting through Pinterest boards, Facebook pages, various blogs and finally came up with two activities.

                    Then came the part of arranging materials for the activities. It's done now. The book packed. Materials packed. The box packed and decorated. It's looking like this -

I hope my exchange partner Prajakta likes the book and the activities.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The after-effects of an online reading challenge!

           Phew! The past 30 days came and whizzed past by. Apart from the normal cooking, cleaning, part-time work, I was just into books and books. That too, children's books! Our daily routine always covered reading but I never accounted for it or for that matter read any books according to a theme! Reading happened according to Swara's whims or her inclination. Sometimes, it used to be just one book days on end, sometimes, one book throughout the day, especially if it were a brand new one. By participating in this challenge, I was thrown to the wonderful world of picture books which I hadn't known earlier!

          And hence, this post is dedicated to the after-effects of The BubbleInk Challenge. Just as there is a positive side to everything, there's also a negative one too! And I'm going to be very truthful about the negative ones too. And these are my views only. No one is responsible except me for the views which I'm expressing over here!

  • I came to know many many wonderful books through this challenge.
  • Many of my relatives and friends got encouraged to read to their respective kids.
  • I never thought that books could be categorized according to so many themes. (The challenge host told me that many prompts were left behind since only 30 days was the limit!)
  • All the participants were so enthusiastic and sportive to take efforts and search and read books related to each day's prompt despite their busy schedules.
  • All the participants took the competition in their stride and posted the day's reads on time. I could feel that no one is doing this only for the prize. They genuinely were interested to read to their children.
  • So many participants posted links everyday to good books and other book-related information was seen passing around among the participants.
  • Many participants becoming online friends with each other is given if interaction is done on daily basis.
  • I'm sure sale of books through online stores or bookshops or book exhibitions must have increased manifold thanks to this challenge. (The best example is me!)
  • 4 days have passed after the challenge ended, still, I'm sure the book-reading routine is continuing at all participants' homes!
  • The downside was that I started spending too much time online often leaving other things behind.
  • My last month's budget overshot due to huge amounts of books being ordered!
  • And last but not the least, I forgot to read my usual stuff and my so-called 'me-time'. (Since all the vacant time was spent in either reading to Swara or blogging about other's reads! Seriously, I did not touch a single book in the last 30 days!) 
          So, all in all, if the positive effects are bragging a lot than all the negative ones, then we can safely assume that the challenge was a hit! Kudos to BubbleInk Writes. And heartiest congratulations to all the winners! And thank you, BubbleInk Writes for this challenge. Otherwise, we would have been online friends only!

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Day 30 : Favourite books!

          And finally, we arrive at our last day of the challenge! The last 30 days whizzed so fast that I had to put a full stop to my reading time and concentrate over here. An exclusive post on the effects of this challenge is in the offing! So, today, since it was the concluding day, we had to read favourite books of our kids. I felt a prompt would have been better since there are so many favourites that I had to read them all!

          Here is the list of favourites -

  1. Little pea, little hoot and little oink series
  2. Ranganna
  3. Hello kitty books
  4. Time to sleep
  5. Pretty princess
  6. Snow day fun
  7. Make a wish
  8. Anna carries water from Tradewind Books
  9. Snoring Shanmugham
  10. Gajapati kulapati
  11. The Gruffalo's child
  12. The three little pigs
  13. Zero goes to Goa
  14. Fuloos plays with the sun
  15. Tales from Golden Goa
  16. Spiderman vs. Green goblin sticker scene book from Marvel
  17. Secret picture search - treasure hunt by Scholastic
  18. Topsy and Tim learn to swim
  19. Turtle story by Kartik Shankar
  20. Three pigs, one wolf and even magic shapes by Grace Maccarone from Scholastic
  21. Once upon a feast
  22. The lion and the mouse by Jerry Pinkney
  23. Elmer book
  24. Curious George and the firefighters
  25. Fix it duck
  26. Rooster raga
  27. The runaway wheel
  28. Little fox by Brown Watson
  29. Thomas and his friends
  30. The shape game y Anthony Browne
  31. Berenstain Bears and the sitters
  32. The very hungry caterpillar
  33. Green eggs and ham
  34. The gruffalo
  35. Geronimo Stilton
  36. Room on the broom
  37. Purple jojo
  38. Greedy Karodimal
  39. Birbal and the dishonest officer
  40. The Brahmin and three rouges
  41. Cat in the hat
  42. Hic!
  43. Thomas and Bertie and the bumpy line
  44. Dad, I can't sleep by Michael Foreman
  45. Peter's pebbles by Cherie Zamazing
  46. What makes a rainbow?
  47. The color kittens
  48. Alphablock
  49. Goodnight moon
  50. My truck is stuck
  51. Color color kamini
  52. Wish you were here
  53. Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish
  54. The thins you can say from a - z
  55. Giant book of activities
  56. After the storm by Nick Butterworth
  57. Football fever
  58. Emperor of Absurdia
  59. Curiosity
  60. From head to toe by Eric Carle
  61. Goat goes to playschool
  62. Toddle waddle
  63. Thidwick - the big-hearted moose
  64. Not Norman - a goldfish story
  65. Touch and feel animals
  66. Thomas and friends book
That's it! I enjoyed being a part of this challenge!
My next post is on the advantages and disadvantages of this challenge. Keep tuned!
Happy reading!


Day 29 : Regional books!

          Sorry for the late post! How weird it is! I'm writing this post after the challenge has ended and the winners declared! No, I didn't win! More on that later.

          Today's prompt honoured India in a way. We had to read books in our own mother-tongue! So, It was such a great day that participants took the extra effort to find books in their vernacular language and read it to their children! And I must say here, that, really, for reading a book and telling a story, language does not matter at all! I'm sure all the participants agree to it.

          And so, today, I will not list the books read. But I wish to say that books were read in Tamil, Urdu, Telugu, Marathi, Hindi and Kannada today. I hope I'm not missing any language!

          Tomorrow being the last day of the challenge, I'm a bit nervous that this is finally ending!
Till then,
Happy Reading!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Day 28 : Grandparents!

          How lucky are we here to have grandparents as an entity living with us or somewhere near us unlike abroad! They are there to ferry our kids to school, take care of them, feed lunch to them, and also play with them. Is it not? Kids overall like the company of grandparents rather than parents because there are no rules to follow when with the former!

          At my home, melancholy sets in as I get ready to go to my parents' place. Swara's maternal grandparents are jubilant at this time. The reverse situation takes place when I have to leave from there. Strange, right? Not really! Anyway, our day 28 of the challenge hence was reserved for grandparents. The books read were -

  1. Aesop's fable
  2. Hello Kitty 'pet puppy'
  3. The never ending story from Tulika
  4. Granny's sari
  5. Grandpa goes on strike
  6. My grandfather's stick
  7. The story blanket
  8. My family from Pratham
  9. Rumniya by Rukmini Banerjee
  10. Days with Thathu
  11. Please write back by Jennifer E. Morris
  12. Just grandma and me by Mercer Mayer 
  13. Bubbles is careless
  14. Grandpa cherry blossom
  15. Wildred Gordon McDonald Patridge by Mem Fox
  16. Hello, is that grandma?
  17. The three little pigs
  18. Granpa
  19. Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Bruehner
  20. Hide and seek pig by Julia Donaldson
  21. The thinga-ma-jigger is coming today by Tish Rabe
  22. Where's my baby's Valentine? by Karen Katz
  23. Grandma's stories
  24. Week at grandma's from Berenstain Bears
  25. A laughing onion by Arun Elassery
  26. A bond of love by Pushpa Saxena
  27. The very hungry caterpillar
  28. Sudha Murty's Grandma's bag of stories
  29. The seed
  30. Mama's new job from Pepper series
  31. The ant and the chrysalis
  32. The ant and the dove
  33. My granny went to the market
  34. Goodnight moon
  35. The runaway bunny
  36. Minu and her hair
  37. Pepper learns to keep a promise
  38. Little red riding hood
  39. Growing up with Bubbles
  40. Bubbles becomes greedy
  41. Chhota Bheem in Damdaar dadaji
  42. Dadu book
  43. Snoring Shanmugham
  44. Grandpa's stories from Om books
  45. The Wednesday surprise by Eve Bunting
  46. Three strange keys by Enid Blyton
  47. Dorling Kindersley picture atlas
  48. Just grandpa and me
  49. Come over to my house
  50. A day at the police station
  51. Tracy and Snuggly blanket
  52. Jack and the flumflum tree by Julia Donaldson
  53. Spot goes to the fair by Eric Hill
  54. Grandma's eyes
  55. Zoe's first book of seasons
  56. Letchworth's stories with grandpa
That's it for today.
Happy reading!

Friday, 28 March 2014

Day 27 : Birthdays!

          It's day 27 today an dour challenge is solely inching towards its finale! Today, we received Birthdays as our reading prompt. And who is not excited on their birthdays? Young and old alike enjoy this day with cake, candles and cheer! So, how can books on birthdays be left far behind. Here is the list of who read what -
  1. The birthday box
  2. The little pea, little Oink, little Hoot series
  3. The secret birthday message by Eric Carle
  4. Zubi's birthday from BPI publications
  5. Today is Monday by Eric Carle
  6. Peppa pig's dentist trip
  7. My counting wheel by Libby Volke
  8. Topsy and Tim have a birthday party
  9. Busy little postman
  10. Dilly the dinosaur by Tony Bradman
  11. Thumbprints - art with your thumb - by Aravind Gupta
  12. Postman Bear by Julia Donaldson
  13. How many sleeps before my birthday by Mark Sperring
  14. Happy birthday biscuit by Alyssa Capucilli
  15. Surprise gifts by Asha Nehemiah
  16. It's my birthday from Ladybird
  17. Dr. Seuss' happy birthday to you
  18. Charlie and Lola's It's actually my party
  19. Party animals by Kathie Lee Gifford
  20. The very lonely firefly by Eric Carle
  21. Pepper is selfish
  22. 10 little dinosaurs
  23. The tiger in the tunnel
  24. Count counts a party (Sesame street)
  25. Who is afraid of the dark?
  26. The tale of Peter Rabbit
  27. It's amma's birthday tomorrow
  28. Time - ETL
  29. Ruskin Bond's Great Stories for Children
  30. Yes Hutoxi
  31. Nini at a birthday party
  32. Nini's guest at home
  33. A wonderful birthday - Princess series
  34. Room on the broom
  35. Hic!
  36. Little Honey
  37. Pepper and the new baby
  38. Spot's birthday party
  39. Teddy's birthday surprise - pop-up
  40. The ribbon from CBT
  41. Snappy sounds surprise party
  42. Happy birthday little Pokie by Sandra Boynton
  43. Alphablock
  44. Prince Dev turns 1
  45. Dancing on walls by Shamim Padamsee
  46. A present for Papa from CBT
  47. Hello from Tulika
  48. Where is my bat? from Pratham
  49. Kevin's birthday by Matt Ryan
  50. The Wednesday surprise by Eve Bunting
  51. Come to the circus - Fenella and Willie
  52. Pepper learns to take the blame
  53. Thumbelina
  54. Cats ahoy!
  55. Princess and the wizard
  56. Princess and the pig
  57. Gajapati kulapati
  58. The birthday dance party
  59. It's my birthday
  60. The red lemon by Bob Stake
  61. Playful little penguin by Tony Mitton
  62. Baby's first library : words
Happy reading!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Day 26 : Gardens!

          The mere thought of gardens takes me back to the time spent in my childhood in parks and gardens which I and my sister would used to frequent. We were truly blessed to have them in our home's vicinity where all the children from nearby homes would come and play. Just one hour of play taught us so many things - co-operation, team spirit, victories and defeats, sportsmanship!

          Alas, today, there are very few gardens available in metros thanks to all the out-of-this-world-shopping-malls creeping up at every open place. Parents today, don't realize the importance of free play with fresh air and greenery doing wonders to their children. The weekends too are typically spent in this order - shopping, lunch, movie, dinner - that too in one mall!

          At least we have books to inculcate gardening and love of nature in us. Gardens was the prompt for today. Here are the books read -

  1. Bondapur ki ek ajab kahaani (hindi) by Shamim Padamsee
  2. Farm counting
  3. Night sky wheel ride from Tradewind books
  4. Spincy spider by Harminder Ohri
  5. Brahma's butterfly
  6. Storm in the garden
  7. Magic vessels
  8. The hedgerow circus by Ruth Thomson
  9. Riki tiki tavi from Ladybird retold by Sampoorna Chatterjee
  10. Hungry pants by Mary Batten
  11. Topsy and Tim go green
  12. Adam and Eve from Bible
  13. The enormous turnip
  14. The seed
  15. The snail storm in the garden
  16. The ugly duckling
  17. Pinochchio
  18. The green ship by Quentin Blake
  19. Ruby Nettleship and the ice lolly adventure
  20. The giving tree by Shel Silverstein
  21. Tabby McTat
  22. Room on the broom
  23. The champa flower who took my strawberries
  24. The tamarind tree
  25. Oh, say can you seed
  26. The prized pumpkin from Berenstain Bears
  27. Tales of Peter rabbit
  28. Flower fairies by Cicely Mary Barker
  29. Sea in a bucket by Deepa Balsavar
  30. Amelia Bedelia goes camping
  31. Flowers - picture book
  32. Farmer Donald's pumpkin patch from Mickey Clubhouse Storybook collection
  33. The pig's egg
  34. Geronimo Stilton
  35. Cinderella
  36. In the night garden
  37. Wangari's trees of peace
  38. Zhaad (marathi)
  39. Teddy and a magic trick
  40. A rainy day adventure
  41. Bees and butterflies by Gina Philips
  42. Little fox's picnic by Debie Glior
  43. The oak tree
  44. Pepper learns about recycling
  45. Pepper learns to take turns
  46. How does your garden grow by Disney
  47. One mole digging a hole by Julia Donaldson
  48. Alphablock
  49. Eric Carle's ABC
  50. The little gardener by Jan Gerardi
  51. The butterfly children
  52. Peekaboo in the farm
  53. The tamarind tree
  54. Busy bees' flower friends by Nicholas Hawkins
  55. Come to the circus - Fenelia gets into trouble
  56. Phonics first
  57. The little mouse, the red-ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear
  58. Tell me a story before I go to bed
  59. Bubbles goes to school
  60. Read and grow with Pepper series
  61. A busy day with patches the puppy
  62. Peppa's Easter egg hunt
  63. Sid the seed by Daniel R. Panag
  64. Hop on pop
  65. Upside down
  66. Even Stevens Odd Todd
          A whopping number of books were read today. While doing so, don't forget to take your kids to a little bit of greenery this weekend!

          AS for Swara, she is truly blessed to have a garden for herself and her friends in our backyard thanks to the green hands of my father-in-law.
 Happy reading!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Day 25 : Food!

          Food! The mere sight of something delicious on the table churns us inside when we are so hungry! If I am not satiated, I tend to lose my patience. Everyone at home knows this fact and so to calm me down, they always offer something to bite on!
          However, when it comes to children, we all know how they are so fussy about their foods, messy about their table manners and grouchy and not willing to gobble that food into their mouths. I am experiencing this and with time I have just learnt one thing - If Swara does not wish to eat I don't force her. I just leave the plate there and whenever she feels hungry, she comes on her own! Then, even if the plate is full of her unfavourite spinach, she will finish it. Try this - you will be seriously amazed. I should warn you though - you will have to take an effort to neglect your kid!

          And coming to this challenge, how can it be exciting without food as today's prompt. The books related to food are as follows -
  1. Today is Monday by Eric Carle
  2. Gajapati kulapati
  3. Book on time
  4. Blueberries for Sal
  5. Lassi, ice-cream or falooda?
  6. The magic melon from Usborne by Rosie Dickens
  7. Junior Kumbhakarna
  8. The dog and the bone
  9. The talking cave - a Panchatantra tale
  10. The silly story of Bondapalli
  11. The fox and the goat
  12. The magic porridge pot from Ladybird
  13. The big pancake from Ladybird
  14. Three for free by Greystone - Taiwanese folktale
  15. Enna Seiyalam (tamil)
  16. Adventures of Fixy the fox
  17. The sandwich swap
  18. Scrummy
  19. 10 apples up on top by Dr. Seuss
  20. I'm the best artist in the ocean by Kevin Sherry
  21. The runaway bunny by Margaret Wise Brown
  22. Pancakes, pancakes
  23. Samira's awful lunch
  24. Stone soup
  25. Green eggs and ham
  26. If a pig wants a pancake
  27. Pepper eats too much cake
  28. Jalebi curls from Tulika
  29. Chocolate mousse for greedy goose
  30. What shall I make? from Tulika
  31. The why why girl from Tulika
  32. Pepper learns about recycling
  33. Pepper gets a new pet
  34. Chatur yojana (hindi)
  35. The gruffalo
  36. Good night Alfie Atkins by Gunilla Bergstorm
  37. Sushila's kolam by Sridala Swami
  38. What does baby Mickey find?
  39. The very hungry caterpillar
  40. Food for a party
  41. Monsters munch lunch
  42. Where there's a bear, there's trouble by Michael Catchpool
  43. The tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr
  44. The tiny seed by Eric Carle
  45. Bubbles is greedy
  46. Bubbles has a toothache
  47. Alphablock
  48. Happy birthday little pokie by Sandra Boynton
  49. Lunchbox, the story of your food by Chris Butterworth
  50. Billy Tibbles moves out by Jan Fearnley
  51. Billy Bogglesworth and the road to Muffinville and other stories by David Whitney
  52. Pink Pepparoni by David Whitney
  53. Cookie rookie by Salem de Bezenac & Amy Upshaw
  54. Pat the cat
  55. Pat the puppy
  56. Yummy yucky by Sandra Boynton
  57. Apples are magic by Julia Seal
  58. The ugly vegetables by Grace Lin
  59. The lion and the mouse retold by Jerry Pinkney
  60. Baby's first library : numbers
  61. The runaway dinner
          And here is a choco chip cookie recipe which I made it with my daughter! Truly, we had an amazing bonding time. Its simple, attractive and healthy too! A Must-try!
Happy reading!

Day 24 : My body!

          Before our children step out in the big bad world by themselves (right from Nursery - they are alone without us!), let us take a pledge that we will properly introduce the subject of anatomy and explain them according to their age. Also, we must explain them right touch and wrong touch and encourage communication on this topic in order to not face any untoward situation later. I'm not propagating this because I have a daughter, but it is very much needed today in these testing times even if you have a son!

          Hence, I was very happy when we received Inside your Outside as our challenge prompt. We needed to read books based on our bodies. Here is the list of books read fro this prompt -

  1. Ranganna
  2. Listen to my body
  3. Toes, ears and nose by Marian Dane
  4. Brushing your teeth can be fun
  5. Little fingers
  6. Shiva and Arjun
  7. Lizard's tail
  8. Inside your outside
  9. The foot book
  10. The nose book
  11. Minu and her hair
  12. Head to toe
  13. Picture book on body parts
  14. Aesop fables
  15. Childcraft - Body
  16. The secrets of our body
  17. The unboy boy
  18. Peppa pig
  19. Inside you
  20. What's inside my body?
  21. 101 first words
  22. Things that go
  23. Baby animals board book
  24. Grandma's tales from Sudha Murty
  25. Here are my hands by Bill Martin Jr.
  26. The runaway puppy
  27. Pepper crosses the road
  28. Pepper has a fight
  29. Kharghosh aur sher (hindi)
  30. Jalebi curls
  31. Litlle painters
  32. I am not going to get up
  33. Detective Arthur on the scent by Margaret Fulson
  34. I am special
  35. Where did it go?
  36. The robot
  37. Mia and her toothbrush from The Max and Mia
  38. Where is love, biscuit?
  39. Ten little fingers and ten little toes by Fox and Oxenbury
  40. Potty by Leslie Patricelli
  41. How many sleeps till my birthday?
  42. Quincy and the dinosaurs by Susan Ring
  43. A present for Papa from CBT
  44. The hand book by David Whitney
  45. I spy lightning in the sky
  46. I can do it - Sesame Street
  47. Eyes, nose, funny bones by Janet & Allan Ahlberg
  48. I can read with my eyes shut
  49. Baby's first library - Numbers
  50. Look at me from Pratham
          From head to toe was read 4 times in a single day including us too! Don't forget to give a big hug and a sweet kiss when you finish reading!
Happy Reading!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Day 23 : Friendship!

          We cannot choose our family, but we can certainly choose our friends! goes a saying like this. And., it's so true. Maybe, that's why, friends occupy a special place in our hearts. And Friendship also occupied a place in our challenge as today's prompt.

          And now, it's so happening regularly, that there is a serious dearth of suitable books for the prompt at my place! Hope things change soon as I'm in a frenzy ordering so many books at one go that it's getting difficult to keep track (and I'm not kidding!). Perhaps, if there is a such a contest happening ever again, I will be better prepared! For now, let's turn to today's reads -

  1. Best friends are forever by Richa Jha
  2. All about the circus
  3. George Baker
  4. Morpurgo's Mudpuddle farm
  5. Sonali's friend by Alaka Shankar
  6. Nayana and the not so scary owl by Anita Vachcharajani
  7. Granny's sari
  8. Pepper gets a new friend
  9. Charlotte's web by E. B. White
  10. How koala got a stumpy tail
  11. Why the bat comes out at night?
  12. Handa's surprise
  13. Panchatantra stories
  14. The susu pals by Richa Jha
  15. Night night little pokie by Sandra Boynton
  16. Forever friends
  17. Where are you going?
  18. Amelia Bedelia makes a friend
  19. Topsy and Tim make a new friend
  20. Rocks and minerals easy natgeo reader
  21. The Pied Piper of Hamelin
  22. The four friends from 365 stories for boys
  23.  Pokiri parrot and the needle nosed Ojha
  24. Oscar the grouch
  25. Pepper on the table
  26. Heidi
  27. Curious George goes fishing
  28. Stories from Hippo by Mona Manjunath
  29. Winnie the Pooh's grand and wonderful day
  30. Pahuni by Madhuri Purandare
  31. Mukhavate by Madhuri Purandare
  32. The watermelon route
  33. Mouse, mole and the falling star from Little Tiger Press
  34. Krishna and Sudama from Bhagwat Purana
  35. Noah's adventure from Stories for 5 year olds
  36. The best den ever from Stories for 5 year olds
  37. Maisy tidies up by Lucy Cousins
  38. I love you all day long by Francesca Rusackas
  39. Little blue truck
  40. Goodnight moon
  41. My truck is stuck
  42. Magic pot magazine
  43. Dharma and Adharma from Panchatantra
  44. The four friends from Panchatantra
  45. Everett Anderson's friend by Lucille Cliffton
  46. Disney's Feelings and friends - WTP
  47. Just my friend and me by Mercer Mayer
  48. Insect friends - Sparkle fun set and beautiful butterflies
  49. My adventures with Dora the explorer
  50. Fox makes friends by Adam Relf
  51. Squirrels' busy day by Lucy Barnard
  52. Calvin and Hobbes
  53. Immi's gift by Karin Littlewood
  54. Hand hand finger thumb by Al Perkins
  55. Best friends by Nina Sabnis
  56. Dora loves boots
          Hope the friendships in your lives last forever!
Happy reading!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Day 22 : What I wear?

          Why do toddlers fuss so much about their clothes? In the initial stages, they just do not wish to wear anything whatsoever. A little later, getting them dressed is always a struggle between their moms and them. I face this situation not everyday but every time when there is a 'change of clothes' episode! Hope I'm not the only one in this!

          Long back, BubbleInk Writes and I were having a conversation when she recommended Hippo has a Hat by Julia Donaldson. She said that Swara will love the book. I bought it and when I read it, it was so much fun reading along with the added vocabulary of clothes and their description. The book is so vividly described and full of colours that Swara first listed all the colours on each page and then demanded me to tell the story. Then, we had an impromptu Ramp-walk kind of thing where Swara was draping all sorts of clothes and accessories on herself. Hmm.... I just pray that our battles on clothes have come to an end!

          And this was the prompt for today! Books about clothes! And I'm sure mommies too would have had fun reading these to their kids -

  1. Green eggs and ham by Dr. Seuss
  2. FunOkPlease's Alphabet dress-up
  3. Cat's hat by Jillian Harker
  4. Tania's Tutu from Stories for 5 year olds by Igloo Publishers
  5. Granny's Sari
  6. Hamilton's hats
  7. My mother's sari by Sandhya Rao
  8. I'm going to be the best super-hero ever by Moira Butterfield
  9. Elliot's shoelace problem by Steve Griffiths
  10. Mad about costume and fashion - a Ladybird mini series book
  11. Where's the cat? by Manjula Padnabham
  12. The very hungry caterpillar
  13. The ugly duckling
  14. Picture book on different types of clothes in different seasons
  15. Clara Button and the magical hat
  16. Naked rat mole gets dressed by Mo Willems  
  17. Sloppy Joe by Dave Keane
  18. The smartest giant in town by Julia Donaldson
  19. Fanny by Holly Hobbie
  20. Caillou's favourite T-shirt
  21. Olivia by Ian Falconer
  22. Chulbul's tail from Pratham
  23. Water stories from Tulika
  24. Hippo has a hat by Julia Donaldson
  25. Pepper stays away
  26. Beautiful bananas
  27. Go dog go by P. D. Eastman
  28. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish by Dr. Seuss
  29. If you give a moose a muffin
  30. Jim's dog muffins by Miriam Cohen
  31. Three little pigs
  32. A friend of Ella
  33. How many sleeps till my birthday
  34. Things to wear
  35. Little red riding hood (the Grimm brothers)
  36. The Queen's nickers by Nicholas Allan
  37. Room on the broom
  38. Patch's coat
  39. Thomas and Bertie from Thomas and the tank engine
  40. The moon and the cap from Pratham
  41. The smartest giant in town by Carolina Almeida
  42. You look funny by Jim Kom
  43. Dr. Seuss' Fox in socks
  44. Under the ground from Usborne reading
  45. Goldilocks and three bears
  46. Llama llama shopping drama by Anna Dewdney
  47. The shiny red shoes from Stories for 3 year olds by Igloo
  48. Help Mia get ready for bed
  49. Seasons by Sesame Street
  50. Splish splash baby bundt
  51. Norbus' new shoes
Happy reading!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Day 21 : Sing-along

          Babies often go to sleep when rocked to them in their mother's soothing lullabies. So. how can children not like rhymes and songs when the lullabies are often the first thing they hear when they are out in this big world?

          Frankly speaking, I didn't know many sing-along books existed until now. But, thanks to our challenge and for today's prompt, I came to know a wide variety of books. I bet I am going to order some after I finish writing this post! So, here is the list of sing-along books -

  1. Old McDonald had a farm
  2. This little guiding light of mine
  3. The very hungry caterpillar
  4. Karadi bear
  5. Pepper takes turns
  6. Are you my mother?
  7. Sati and Shiva
  8. The daffodils by William Wordsworth
  9. The walrus and the carpenter by Lewis Caroll
  10. Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening by Robert Frost
  11. Where the mind is without fear by Tagore
  12. The blue jackal (karadi tales)
  13. Ten in the bed by Penny Dale
  14. Wheels on the bus
  15. Knick knack paddy whack
  16. The camel and the pig
  17. Beastly tales from here and there by Vikram Seth
  18. 10 little monkeys
  19. 10 green bottles hanging from a tree
  20. Will you please go now by Dr. Seuss
  21. Animal orchestra by Tiber Gergely
  22. Over in the meadow by Jill McDonald
  23. Owl babies
  24. The snail and the whale
  25. The owl and the pussy-cat
  26. Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes
  27. Cinderella
  28. The Berenstain Bears go on a vacation
  29. Noddy's unlucky day by Enid Blyton
  30. A child's garden of verses by Rudyard Kipling
  31. Pratham's Babloo bear's adventures
  32. Pepper brushes his teeth
  33. Tulika's Vaala meenukum vilangu meenukum kalyanam
  34. Today is Monday by Eric Carle
  35. Llama llama red pyjama
  36. A kiss good-night
  37. You are my little star
  38. The Ugly Duck Thing
  39. Doing the animal bop
  40. Happy birthday little pookie by Sandra Boynton
  41. Dr. Seuss' ABC
  42. The very busy spider by Eric Carle
  43. Chai-chai coffee coffee
  44. Under the window by Kate Greenway
  45. Ganesha goes to a party
  46. Personal penguin
  47. Brown bear brown bear what do you see?
  48. From head to toe
  49. We're going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen
  50. wheels on the bus go round and round
  51. Upar chanda gol gol
  52. Amma Inge wa wa
  53. Moin and the monster
  54. Olugati tolugati
          We didn't have books suitable for the prompt so we read Doing the animal bop and danced to its song which came in a CD format along with a book.

Happy reading!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day 20 : The very hungry caterpillar

          Today, the very hungry caterpillar completes 45 years of publication! What a book it is! The like-cycle of a butterfly, counting numbers, days of the week, everything is crammed into that book without overwhelming its readers! hence, at the Bubble-Ink challenge, this was our today's prompt.

          Today, it also happens to be World Storytelling Day. Here is the list of all the magnificent stories told by their mommies to their little kids -

  1. The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle
  2. Brown bear brown bear what do you see? by Eric Carle
  3. The bad-tempered ladybug by Eric Carle
  4. No, David
  5. Feet problems from CBT
  6. Tulika's water stories
  7. The free mountain by Kaveri Chatterjee
  8. Danny and the dinosaur goes to the camp
  9. The story of Pradosham (how Lord Shiva came to have blue throat)
  10. The very busy spider by Eric Carle
  11. The little cloud
  12. The tiny seed
  13. The lizard's tail
  14. Brahma's butterfly
  15. Fancy Nancy sees stars by Jane O'Connor
  16. The glass tree by M. Mukundan
  17. Udte Udte (Urdu)  from Pratham
  18. The annual haircut day
  19. Hermit crab by Eric Carle
  20. The three little pigs
  21. The bird with golden wings by Sudha Murty
  22. The dwarf and the long beard from Arabian Nights
  23. The fisherman and the genie from Arabian Nights
  24. The very quiet cricket by Eric Carle
  25. From head to toe by Eric Carle
  26. Pinochchio
  27. Where do kisses come from?
  28. Animal moral stories
  29. My very first book of animal homes by Eric Carle
  30. Today is Monday
  31. Eric Carle's ABC
  32. Gorillas : Gentle giants of the forest
  33. Krishna rocks
  34. The very fierce carpenter
  35. Charlie Cook's favourite book by Julia Donladson
          You must be wondering only 35 books read today? That's because The Very Hungry Caterpillar was read 26 times in a single day in this challenge, by far, the most read one too! And yes, it was also the easiest compilation of everyone's reads till now!

          And to show our love and admiration to Eric Carle, we celebrated Eric Carle Day reading all his titles which we have so far - The very hungry caterpillar, the bad-tempered ladybug, the very quiet cricket, brown bear brown bear what do you see?, My very first book of animal homes and From head to toe. And if that was not enough, we also dabbled in a bit of craft. We made a colourful caterpillar using pom-pom balls.

Happy reading!

Day 19: Monsters and dragons

          No story is complete without a villain. Similarly, no fairy tale is complete without a monster or a dragon scaring the life out of innocent people! Hence, we had a whole day dedicated to Monsters and dragons as our reading prompt for this challenge!

          Barring a few, I came to know there are many many stories featuring good-hearted dragons too! Here is the list -

  1. Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak
  2. The pleasant rakshasa from Tulika
  3. The tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter
  4. The monsters who ate darkness
  5. Tulika's water stories
  6. Granny's sari from CBT
  7. Rajah's moustache from CBT
  8. The runaway wheel from CBT
  9. Surprise gifts from CBT
  10. Mrs. Woolly's funny sweaters from CBT
  11. Wedding clothes from CBT
  12. This little monster from Ladybird touch and feel
  13. Puff flies by Sally Grindley
  14. Bernard by David McKee
  15. Tha abduction of Sita
  16. Dragon's greediness
  17. Monster stories
  18. The gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
  19. The gruffalo's child by Julia Donaldson
  20. The dragon's scales - math reader level 3 by Sarah Albee
  21. Goldilocks and the three bears
  22. Monsters hunters by Parinita Shetty
  23. Vile - a cautionary tale for little monsters
  24. Zog by Julia Donaldson
  25. Whacky Wednesday by Theo LeSieg
  26. The susu pals by Richa Jha
  27. The paper bag princess
  28. It's Herb the vegetarian dragon
  29. Folk tales from India
  30. Room on the broom
  31. There's a dragon at my school by Philip Hawthorn
  32. The day Jimmy's boa ate the wash by Trinka Hakes Noble
  33. Holi story from Indian festivals
  34. Singh ane undar (gujarati version of lion and mouse)
  35.  Monsters' munch lunch
  36. Dancing dinos
  37. The great goat chase
  38. The return of the Jabberwock
  39. The ravenous beast of Niamh Sharkey
  40. A beasty story
  41. How much I love you
  42. When Vishnu became an arrow from Indian Mythological Tales from Nita Mehta Publications
  43. Princess Azzurra and the gluttonous dragon by Wilsa Favi
  44. The mountain monster
  45. The old red stocking by Enid Blyton
  46. Tyrannosaurus drip by Julia Donaldson
  47. Disney's Monsters Inc.
  48. Monsters University
  49. The noisy night monsters by Julia Seal
  50. The goblin who imitated the framer's speech from Muffin Stories
  51. Moin and the monster
  52. Monsters in my mailbox!
  53. Dragons by Judy Tatchell
          Today, we read Where the wild things are before going to school and Room on the broom right after school! I told her we still have time to go to school. So, she said that we will read a book till then. I was so delighted when she came with a book to read.

Happy reading!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Day 18 : Tuck me in!

          By now, you must have known that I introduced books very late to Swara. When she was 1 year old. But now that we have embarked on our reading journey, I do not wish to end this magnificent journey for a long time to come. That is why, I had primarily taken part in this 30 days challenge.

          Why do mothers fuss so much about babies' night-time ritual? I used to wonder aloud at this question. But, when my daughter was born, I understood through what all agonies mothers go. My daughter never ever slept at night. It was always a battle to make her sleep.

          It was later that I understood and mastered the art of making my baby sleep. But, still, books did not feature in our night-time ritual. They became a routine very recently and now there cannot be sleep without a story!

          Today's prompt was bedtime stories! When I told Swara, she got all her books from her collection and I had to read all of them! Here is the list of other books read to their tiny tots -

  1. How do dinosaurs say goodnight?
  2. Mop's treasure hunt
  3. A goodnight kiss from Sweet Dreams Stories by Parragon
  4. Sindbad
  5. Three Billy goats gruff
  6. I'm so sleepy from Tulika
  7. Goodnight little bear by Richard Scarry
  8. Just go to bed by Mercer Mayer
  9. Every which way to pray by Joyce Meyer
  10. Prayers for children - Little Golden Book
  11. The sleep book by Dr. Seuss
  12. Goodnight moon by Margaret Wise Brown
  13. Ten in the bed
  14. Toto the auto
  15. Interrupting Chicken
  16. I'm not sleepy and I will not go to bed by Lauren Child
  17. Junior Kumbhakarna by Arundhati Venkatesh
  18. Sleeping Beauty
  19. Snoring Shanmugham
  20. Stars at bedtime
  21. Can't you sleep little bear?
  22. Tales of Peter Rabbit
  23. The going to bed by Sandra Boynton
  24. The Pied Piper of Hamlin
  25. Llama llama red pyjama
  26. Childcraft (animals)
  27. Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathman
  28. Nini at birthday party
  29. Nini's pile of toys
  30. Sleepy dog
  31. All asleep by Joanna Walsh
  32. The green book of bedtime stories
  33. Sleepy Sam by Michael Catchpool
  34. Ten in the bed by Penny dale
  35. Dad! I can't sleep by Michael Foreman
  36. Bouncy bouncy bedtime by David Bedford
  37. Bedtime frogs from Stories for 1 year olds by Igloo
  38. The sleeping beauty
  39. One Ted falls out of bed by Julia Donaldson
  40. I'm too absolutely small for school by Lauren Child
  41. Say goodnight
  42. Ruby says goodnight
  43. Harry the dirty dog by Gene Zion
  44. Patter's adventure
  45. A job for Freddie
  46. Tinkerbell
  47. Sweet dreams stories
  48. The astronomer
  49. Bedtime by Tony Ross
  50. Huggy kissy by leslie Patricelli
  51. I don't want to go to bed by Julie Sykes

 Junior Kumbhakarna, Goodnight moon, Goodnight gorilla, Ten in the bed, and I'm so sleepy were today's repetitions!

Happy reading and Good night!


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Day 17: Colors!

          Ever wondered what if our life was just a shade of black and white? The coolness of the ocean, the liveliness of daffodil fields, the greenery surrounding the mountains would become so lifeless and seem like a movie of the black and white era!

          Colors give us myriad forms of emotions and break the monotony of life! Hence, after the prompt of emotions, it was rightly decided by Bubbleink Writes to have a prompt on colors. Today, being Holi, It couldn't have been more apt! Here is the list of colorful books read in the challenge -

  1. Brown bear brown bear, what do you see? by Eric Carle
  2. The mixed-up chameleon by Eric Carle
  3. Babe and the bunny
  4. Ranganna
  5. The boy who loved color
  6. Pranav's picture
  7. My colorful pencils by Massoumeh Ansarian from Pratham
  8. Colors in my world by Devika Rangachari
  9. Casper the chameleon
  10. The color kittens by Margaret Wise Brown
  11. Amma tell me about Holi
  12. The mountain that loved the bird
  13. I love colors by Hans Wilhelm - Scholastic reader 1
  14. Mouse paint by Ellenstoll Walsh
  15. A rainbow of my own by Don Freeman
  16. The artist who painted a blue horse by Eric Carle
  17. Color zoo by Louis Elhert
  18. Run pumpkin run
  19. Patrick by Quentin Blake
  20. Elmer and the big bird
  21. New tricks I can do from Cat in the Hat series
  22. Three friends by Indu Harikumar
  23. Head to toe by Eric Carle
  24. Bubbles finds a red ball
  25. First concepts - colors
  26. Wise and otherwise by Sudha Murty
  27. Purple Jojo
  28. Brahma's butterfly
  29. Elmer's colors by David McKee
  30. Tom Thumb - read-aloud book from Sterling
  31. I see colors
  32. Blue chameleon
  33. Prahlad - the story of Holi
  34. Little honey
  35. The very quiet cricket by Eric Carle
  36. The king and his wish
  37. Who is the prettiest? by Janaki Sooriyachchi
  38. One hundred feet
  39. Lazy Lenny
  40. I'll teach my dog a lot of words!
  41. Hamilton's hat
  42. Color color kamini from Tulika
  43. Llama llama red pyjama by Anna Dewdney
  44. Brown paper bear by Neil Reed
  45. The blue jackal from Panchatantra tales
  46. The rainbow monster by Ul de Rico
  47. Rhinoceros bathtime (let's go to zoo series)
         There were a lot of repetitions so the books read are less today. The repetitions include Ranganna, Amma tell me about Holi, The color kittens, brown bear brown bear what do you see? and the mixed-up chameleon.

Happy reading!  

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Day 16 : I feel..

          I remember when my daughter couldn't express herself due to lack of speech and less emotional development and I used to fret over her for not understanding her. Add to it, that I used to get so impatient that eventually I used to scold her which resulted in more frustration and tears. Thankfully, those days are gone! Being a first-time mother, I may not have handled the situations tactfully. Slowly, when it started repeating itself, I would patiently calm myself first and then pay attention to my daughter!

          So, when Bubble Ink introduced this prompt I felt relieved to see so many books bang on the prompt. I wish I had read some books to Swara when she was smaller!

          Anyway, better late than never! I will start over just after completing this blog post!

  1. Baby happy baby sad
  2. Tell me something happy before I got to bed by Joyce Dunbar
  3. Have you seen this?
  4. Giraffes can't dance
  5. Piano notes from the book
  6. Are you my mother?
  7. Green eggs and ham
  8. Corduroy's Easter
  9. Siri's smile by R. Amarendran
  10. Malu bhalu by Kamala Bhasin
  11. The song of the scarecrow
  12. Bhakt Prahlad
  13. Mr. Happy, Mr. Uppity, Mr. Jelly, Mr. Worry, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Rude from Mr. Men series
  14. Alibaba and forty thieves
  15. Grumpy bird by Jeremy Tankard
  16. A is amazing by Wendy Cooling
  17. Happy or sad? (making faces) by Caroline Davis
  18. Opposites in Tinga Tinga tales
  19. The snail and the whale by Julia Donaldson
  20. Night night little pookie by Sandra Boynton
  21. The rainbow fish
  22. The great race
  23. Magic vessels
  24. Each peach pear plum
  25. Roald Dahl's Esio trot
  26. A bond of love from NBT
  27. Brahma's butterfly
  28. The twits by Roald Dahl
  29. Rooster and the sun from Tulika
  30. Kantala and Paahuni (marathi)
  31. Nini's Sports day
  32. What is your name?
  33. Pepper watches too much TV
  34. Sam and the firefly by P. D. Eastman
  35. Mr. Brown can moo, can you?
  36. The Gruffalo's child
  37. Arthur goes on vacation by Mark Brown
  38. Shrinking Sam
  39. Pepper is jealous
  40. Pepper throws a tantrum
  41. The watermelon route
  42. Hug
  43. My truck is stuck
  44. Too much noise
  45. Bani from Pratham books
  46. Seesaw or sad story by Henrique Komatsu
  47. A very funny tale by Enid Blyton
  48. My many coloured days
  49. The true friendship moral stories
  50. Where, oh where is Huggle buggle bear? by Katherine Sully
  51. The noisy night monsters by Julia Seal
  52. Spot's first picnic by Eric Hill
  53. The bad-tempered ladybird by Eric Carle
  54. There's a wocket in my pocket
  55. Rhino bath
  56. The magic porridge pot
  57. Rabbit in the moon
  58. The complete set of Pepper - 48 books
  59. I'm not scared - Scholastic reader 1 by Hans Wilhelm
  60. Where's Gola's home? from Tulika
As for us, we read the last two of the list!
Happy reading!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Day 15 : Lift the flap!

          And today we reach our half milestone of this challenge! Today's prompt was books which have flaps to lift or tabs which can be pulled out.

          Here is the list of lift-the-flaps and pull-the-tab books -
  1. Aesop's fable
  2. Let's go to the zoo
  3. Parragon first 1,2,3 book
  4. Seuss shapes
  5. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
  6. Usborne Internet-linked Ancient world
  7. I love sounds from Parragon
  8. The teeny-tiny woman
  9. Fisher Price Busy places
  10. See the circus by H. A. Rey
  11. Book of dinosaurs from Hinkler books
  12. The little fire engine - a Brown Watson publication
  13. The eleventh hour - a curious mystery by Graeme Base
  14. Resurrection Eggs by Family life
  15.  Postman bear by Julia Donaldson
  16. Mujhe sona hai (hindi) from Tulika
  17. The land of peek-a-boo by McClanahan
  18. Where's Spot? by Eric Hill
  19. Rumblewick and the dinner dragons by Hiawyn Oram
  20. Never too little to love by Jeanne Willis
  21. Excuse me : a little book of manners by Karen Katz
  22. Who is that?
  23. How do dinosaurs go to school?
  24. Ranganna from Tulika
  25. Sameer's house from Tulika
  26. Rocks and minerals - NatGeo kids reader
  27. ABC book
  28. Smile baby smile by Moira Butterfield
  29. Faces in MY first body board book
  30. Farm fun by Natalie Marshall
  31. Muchkund and his sweet tooth from Pratham
  32. Each peach pear plum
  33. Chuck Murphy's Bow wow
  34. Who can you see? - in the forest and in the jungle
  35. Forgot the fish
  36. Parragon's ABC
  37. Who's hiding? - ocean animals
  38. Peek-a-boo
  39. Does a sheep wear mittens?
  40. The very silly shark by Jack Tickle
  41. The very clever crocodile by Jack Tickle
  42. Spot's birthday
  43. Washing line by Jez Alborough
  44. Rabbit's nap by Julia Donaldson
  45. This little lamb
  46. The little gardener
  47. Hide and seek pig
  48. Eric Carle's ABC
  49. Dosa by Sandhya Rao
  50. Peek-a-boo by the farm
  51. Peek-a-boo from WTH series
  52. Three Billy goats gruff
  53. Tulika's round and round books
  54. The fly-away cottage by Enid Blyton
  55. I see me - mirror book by Baby Einstein
  56. Ruby says good-night, puppet book
  57. Dr. Seuss' cat in the hat
  58. On the go!
  59. Eyes, nose, toes, peek-a-boo
  60. One little hippo
  61. Peter Rabbit - a lucky escape
  62. Where's baby's belly button? by Karen Katz
  63. Granny's sari
  64. Monsters Inc. book
We read quite a few lift-the-flap books including Rabbit's nap, Postman Bear, Washing line. Swara just loves these books. Before I can read the text she is quick to turn the flap and tell me what's hiding there!
Happy reading!

Day 14 : I am I!

          I am I - This phrase is heard so little now-a-days when everyone is rushing and scampering off to be someone else. Youngsters want to emulate Bollywood stars, they look up to their icons brushing off the advice given by the parents away. In this age, we need to respect ourselves for what we truly are!

         Here is the list of books which tells the same to our kids. Hope we bring up a generation where they carve their own identity and not get swayed in the mad rush! -
  1. Akshada and the glass slippers
  2. Dora little star book
  3. Elmer
  4. The mixed-up chameleon by Eric Carle
  5. Book Uncle and me
  6. Listen to my body by Noni
  7. My mother's sari by Sandhya Rao
  8. Ranganna from Tulika
  9. The Rajah's moustache from CBT
  10. The story of Shanmiyang
  11. Color color Kamini
  12. Rooster Raga
  13. Mr. Small by Roger Hargreaves
  14. The saggy baggy elephant by K & B Jackson
  15. The town mouse and the country mouse by Molly Perham
  16. I wish I had duck feet by Dr. Seuss
  17. Head to toe by Eric Carle
  18. The lion and the mouse by Jerry Pinkney
  19. the unboy boy by Richa Jha
  20. Aesop fables
  21. What I like about me by Allia Zobel Nolan
  22. Always by Ann Stott
  23. Tara Tomboy Princess - Tara's favorite things
  24. Ingenious Jean by Susan Chandler
  25. Ernie gets lost - Sesame Street Series
  26. Three friends by Indu Harikumar
  27. That's the one by Bernard Ashley
  28. Spoon by Amy Kroose Rosenthal
  29. Shakuntala from ACK
  30. Giraffes can't dance
  31. Mr. Noisy
  32. Wow said the owl
  33. Go, dog, go by P. D. Eastman
  34. Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson & Emily Gravett
  35. Fledolin upside down from Katha world library
  36. Sylvester the singing sheep
  37. I am special
  38. Shhh
  39. Dumbo by Disney
  40. The very hungry caterpillar by eric Carle
  41. Happy birthday baby, Dr. Seuss
  42. Chocolate mousse for greedy goose by Julia Donaldson
  43. Doing the animal bop
  44. Happy birthday, little pookey
  45. The musical donkey
  46. Toes, ears and nose by Bauer and Katz
  47. Gatila from Katha
  48. I'm so sleepy from Tulika
  49. You look funny by Joy Kim
  50. The red stocking by Enid Blyton
  51. Mr. Grumpy's outing
  52. Mr. Cool, Mr. Imperfect and Mr. Perfect from Mr. Men series
  53. The not-so-perfect penguin by Steve Smallman
  54. Goldilocks
  55. The three Billy goats gruff
  56. Thomas in trouble - Thomas and the tank engine
Today, we didn't read books appropriate for the prompt but nevertheless, we read books which were Swara's fav ones!

Happy reading!

Day 13 : Wonder wheels

          Children are fascinated with whichever thing that moves be it a train, a toy or a bus. I remember whenever we used to go on long journeys to my native place by bus or train, I would be dozing off to sleep by occupying the most-prized possession - the window seat! And then, when my sister came along, I cannot the forget the silly fights we used to have over who will take the window first. Ultimately, my mother decided that she will be tossing a coin for us. So, we used to ask her the duration of the journey and calculate accordingly how much time will one get at the window!

          Coming back to our challenge, we received a prompt - wonder wheels! We had to read books on modes of transport! This topic is not covered extensively with Swara simply because we have travelled only by plane and car till now. Guess, it's time to take her on a train journey!

          So, mommies, fasten your seat belts and get ready to experience the exciting reading journey! Bon Voyage!
  1. The magic school bus
  2. Bears on wheels by Stan & Jan Berenstain
  3. Hello kitty, play I spy
  4. Mrs. Armitage on wheels
  5. Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel
  6. Usborne Internet-linked Ancient World
  7. The adventures of Toto the auto
  8. Jack and the beanstalk
  9. The runaway wheel by Asha Nehemiah
  10. The little red caboose by Marian Potter
  11. The salt merchant and his ass from Mango
  12. Rambling Ted's brilliant invasion by Lindsay Camp
  13. Richard Scarry's Cars and trucks and things that go
  14. The great race from Tara
  15. Thomas and the tank engine
  16. When Titus took the train by Ann Cottringer
  17. Bears on the moon by Satn & Jan Berenstain
  18. Thomas' busy day     
  19. Snoring Shanmugham from Tulika
  20. Thomas' big book of beginner books
  21. The train to Timbuctoo by Margaret Wise Brown
  22. Dan the fireman
  23. Peter steals the jeep
  24. Autocar magazine
  25. Vehicles board book
  26. Siri's smile by Tulika
  27. A silly story of Bonadapalli
  28. Bell the cat from My best moral stories
  29. The fossil girl
  30. My truck is stuck by Kevin Lewis
  31. Wheels on the bus rhymes
  32. transportation picture book
  33. The princess and the pea - read aloud treasure tales by Sterling
  34. Little blue truck by Alice Schertle
  35. Thomas, Bertie and the bumpy line
  36. The railway children
  37. The fat controller
  38. Thomas and friends series
  39. Roaring rockets
  40. The little red bus from Stories for 1 year olds by Igloo
  41. The little blue train from Stories for 1 year olds by Igloo
  42. Curious George and the firefighters
  43. Disney cars - racing colours
  44. The very hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  45. The timid train from Pratham books
  46. Satya's boat from Tulika
  47. The flying train by Janaki Sooriyachchi
  48. Mr. Twiddle and the tooth-paste by Enid Blyton
  49. On the way to Sesame Street
  50. Bus for Miss Moss from Usborne
  51. Thomas the train
  52. Disney's jungle junction
  53. Noddy and the naughty paint truck
  54. Billy the bulldozer
  55. When I care about others by Cornelia Spelman
  56. Baby's first library words
         You can now unfasten your seat-belts as we have arrived at our destination!  The most read books fro this prompt were The Adventures of Toto the auto series, the runaway wheel and Thomas Series!

          We too read the adventures of Toto the auto, Runaway wheel and two short stories featuring a train and a bus from Stories for 1 year olds by Igloo Publishers.

Happy reading! 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Day 12 : Sharing and Kindness

         Our day 12 prompt is here. 'Charity begins at home' is a very apt saying considering our children behave as we do. So, we cannot pester our children to be kind to animals, share one's toys with their friends unless they don't see us behaving that way! So, mommies, let us 'Practice before we Preach'. We are soon reaching the half-way milestone of this challenge and we must not forget what we set out to do. Even after this challenge, I urge you to read to your kids every-day but before that let them see you reading and enjoying yourself!

          Since Swara was sick, she didn't want to read on the prompt. Instead, we read Rabbit's nap by Julia Donaldson And Washing Line by Jez Alborough. And then, I told her to take a nap a la Rabbit. Before that we did a Flurry Rabbit Activity (post coming soon on that!). The others read these many books -
  1. The grouch ladybird by Eric Carle
  2. No girls allowed by Stan & Jan Berenstain
  3. Clark the shark
  4. The smartest giant in town by Julia Donaldson
  5. Mrs. Woolly's Funny Sweaters from CBT
  6. Gajapati kulapati from Tulika
  7. Birth of Ganesha
  8. Ganesha And Kubera
  9. A kite called Korika from Tulika
  10. The pleasant rakshasa from Tulika
  11. Pepper gets a new pet
  12. The rainbow crow - a folk-tale
  13. Noddy delivers some parcel by Enid Blyton
  14. Oh! the pets you can get by Dr. Seuss
  15. The golden egg by Maggie Kneen
  16. Big dog... little dog by P. D. Eastman
  17. This is my house by Michael Rosen
  18. What I like about me by Allia Zobel Nolan
  19. Barty's Ketchup catastrophe by Sally Chambers
  20. Plant a kiss
  21. The sacred banana leaf
  22. Big bird brings Spring to Sesame Street
  23. The ant and the dove - level 1 reading book
  24. Bubbles finds a red ball
  25. Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
  26. The magic drum and other stories by Sudha Murty
  27. Amazing grace by Mary Hoffman
  28. What can Rabbit hear by Lucy Cousins
  29. Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street by Elenor Hudson
  30. Bruno loves to share
  31. Sleeping Beauty from Sterling
  32. Thumbelina from Sterling
  33. Policeman Bear gets a day off from I can read 15 2-min tales
  34. Grandpa's Christmas Gift from I can read 15 2-min tales
  35. Andy - a good little ant from Animal Moral Stories
  36. Nice and Nasti from Animal Moral Stories
  37. Rantideva from Bhagavat Purana
  38. Magic vessels
  39. Rabbit's nap by Julia Donaldson
  40. Washing line by Jez Alborough
  41. The Gruffalo's child by Julia Donaldson
  42. Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow & Adrian Reynolds
  43. Pepper lends a helping hand
  44. I am Nazar-am-radh from Katha
  45. It's Amma's birthday tomorrow
  46. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile by Bernard Webner
  47. Mr. Twiddle fetches Polly
  48. Curious George flies a kite
  49. Arthur's fire drill by Marc Brown
  50. Dr. Seuss' Ten Apples up on top
  51. Bubbles is selfish
  52. Stories to share from Parragon
  53. The tale of Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter
  54. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
  55. Granny's sari
  56. Malli
  57. The Good Samaritan - a parable from the Bible
  58. Who will be Nighthou? - a Manipuri tale by Indira Mukherjee
  59. Good King Sivi - a Ladybird favourite Tale book by Meera Uberoi
  60. Chuskit goes to school from Pratham by Sujatha Padmanabham
  61. I won't share by Hans Willhem - Scholastic reader 1
  62. Room on the broom by Julia Donaldson

Happy reading!