Monday, 29 September 2014

My darling, My Sunshine!

          This is an open letter addressed to my daughter on her 3rd birthday. She is so small to understand what I want to let her know so I'm writing for her which she can read when she grows up.

Dearest Swara,
          Hello my darling. It's your birthday today. I can't believe three years ago, you entered my world and made me a mommy. The term which is given a godly status - I am experiencing it to the fullest. 'Children are most dependent on mothers' is an apt saying. But here, I wish to tell you that even I'm dependent on you. Do you want to know how?
  • I'm dependent on you to witness all those magical milestones which you have achieved till now and will continue to achieve.
  • I'm dependent on you for laughter which is so contagious that one giggle from you when I'm in a foul mood melts my heart away.
  • I'm dependent on you to enjoy childhood again with you. It gives me immense joy when I'm spending time with you - through reading, laughing, having silly conversations, watching movies etc. Of course, there are hair-raising moments or moments when I just don't want you to be near me. But, again, remember that this is because I may not want to hurt you or pour someone's anger on you.
  • I'm dependent on you for that ray of sunshine which you have brought in my life.

Thank you for filling my life with joy and teaching me that happiness can be found in the most mundane of things.
Have a very happy birthday and looking forward to many many more with you!
God bless you my angel!

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