Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcome 2015!

          Hello all! Just half an hour remains to tick off 2014 from our lives! What? It's going... going... gone. Welcome 2015!

          Well, to begin with, 2014 began with a steady start and ended on a very high note for me! (Not literally!) From being a home-maker and a mom to a 2-year old toddler, I went on to become a Mompreneur. I enjoyed my work since I was able to convert my passion for reading into an actual profession. My venture, Reading Rabbits Library is still in its nascent stage but nonetheless growing every day and now there is no looking back. When I look back at the year that went by, I am most satisfied how well it turned out to be. Do you know why? Because I had a ready-made list of Resolutions which I planned in the beginning of the last year and promised my readers that they will be kept posted in case any Resolutions do happen to get Resolved! And, seriously, I forgot everything in the daily humdrum of life but remembered again when 2015 beckoned.

          And thus, to continue the tradition, here I am going to list the goals called New Year Resolutions for 2015. This time, I am going to put a detailed list unlike last time which were just generalized wishes -
  1. Everyday, I take 10 minutes from my schedule to just pause and ponder over things, thought processes etc. I will continue to do it this year too. Yes, sometimes, I give it a miss too. But, now, I really think over a situation. I should be frank, shouldn't I?
  2. My no.1 Resolution of last year is still not complete. But, I'm happy to start my Classical Dance Training which was completely abandoned in my school days. And, there can be no better way than dancing and enjoying to your heart's content! That's the biggest gift I give myself thrice a week and leave behind all parenting worries and mundane things. I hope to continue it in 2015 too. So, in a way, this replaced my no.3 Resolution and my no.4 Resolution got fulfilled automatically.
  3. My reading took a U-turn since for the latter part of the year, I was reading Children's Literature as part of my unending work. Hope to change that this year and try to find time to read adult fiction too.
  4. I am trying to be a calmer parent but its so difficult. Still, I'm trying to incorporate new methods of parenting which will suit both my daughter and me and save me time from fussy behavior!
  5. This year I'm going to have head-to-head conversation time with my daughter everyday. We converse and bond but I want to do it each single day. Last year, setting up my venture took a toll on our exclusive bonding time. So, I will be extra careful this year.
  6. I was also not consistent with our bedtime reading routine. So, from this year, I will be reading daily to her. I also intend to read at least 2 new picture books to her every week. You may ask what's difficult in that - But, you should know that kids have their own moods and will most likely insist to be read the longest book if you are especially tired that day.
  7. I intend to do at least one craft activity every week. I want to encourage her artistic skills. And, I don't want her to dread Arts and Crafts subject in school like me.
  8. This goal will feature on everyone's list - To possess extra-ordinary organizational and time-management skills - Though I'm yet to Google on this topic.
  9. The last Resolution was somewhat fulfilled if you go by the number of posts on my blog. Hope that number scales new heights this year!
          I think for the time being, this list will keep me busy. Hope to bring some additional goals next year! Before I retire for the night, here's wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year full of health and joy!