Thursday, 27 March 2014

Day 26 : Gardens!

          The mere thought of gardens takes me back to the time spent in my childhood in parks and gardens which I and my sister would used to frequent. We were truly blessed to have them in our home's vicinity where all the children from nearby homes would come and play. Just one hour of play taught us so many things - co-operation, team spirit, victories and defeats, sportsmanship!

          Alas, today, there are very few gardens available in metros thanks to all the out-of-this-world-shopping-malls creeping up at every open place. Parents today, don't realize the importance of free play with fresh air and greenery doing wonders to their children. The weekends too are typically spent in this order - shopping, lunch, movie, dinner - that too in one mall!

          At least we have books to inculcate gardening and love of nature in us. Gardens was the prompt for today. Here are the books read -

  1. Bondapur ki ek ajab kahaani (hindi) by Shamim Padamsee
  2. Farm counting
  3. Night sky wheel ride from Tradewind books
  4. Spincy spider by Harminder Ohri
  5. Brahma's butterfly
  6. Storm in the garden
  7. Magic vessels
  8. The hedgerow circus by Ruth Thomson
  9. Riki tiki tavi from Ladybird retold by Sampoorna Chatterjee
  10. Hungry pants by Mary Batten
  11. Topsy and Tim go green
  12. Adam and Eve from Bible
  13. The enormous turnip
  14. The seed
  15. The snail storm in the garden
  16. The ugly duckling
  17. Pinochchio
  18. The green ship by Quentin Blake
  19. Ruby Nettleship and the ice lolly adventure
  20. The giving tree by Shel Silverstein
  21. Tabby McTat
  22. Room on the broom
  23. The champa flower who took my strawberries
  24. The tamarind tree
  25. Oh, say can you seed
  26. The prized pumpkin from Berenstain Bears
  27. Tales of Peter rabbit
  28. Flower fairies by Cicely Mary Barker
  29. Sea in a bucket by Deepa Balsavar
  30. Amelia Bedelia goes camping
  31. Flowers - picture book
  32. Farmer Donald's pumpkin patch from Mickey Clubhouse Storybook collection
  33. The pig's egg
  34. Geronimo Stilton
  35. Cinderella
  36. In the night garden
  37. Wangari's trees of peace
  38. Zhaad (marathi)
  39. Teddy and a magic trick
  40. A rainy day adventure
  41. Bees and butterflies by Gina Philips
  42. Little fox's picnic by Debie Glior
  43. The oak tree
  44. Pepper learns about recycling
  45. Pepper learns to take turns
  46. How does your garden grow by Disney
  47. One mole digging a hole by Julia Donaldson
  48. Alphablock
  49. Eric Carle's ABC
  50. The little gardener by Jan Gerardi
  51. The butterfly children
  52. Peekaboo in the farm
  53. The tamarind tree
  54. Busy bees' flower friends by Nicholas Hawkins
  55. Come to the circus - Fenelia gets into trouble
  56. Phonics first
  57. The little mouse, the red-ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear
  58. Tell me a story before I go to bed
  59. Bubbles goes to school
  60. Read and grow with Pepper series
  61. A busy day with patches the puppy
  62. Peppa's Easter egg hunt
  63. Sid the seed by Daniel R. Panag
  64. Hop on pop
  65. Upside down
  66. Even Stevens Odd Todd
          A whopping number of books were read today. While doing so, don't forget to take your kids to a little bit of greenery this weekend!

          AS for Swara, she is truly blessed to have a garden for herself and her friends in our backyard thanks to the green hands of my father-in-law.
 Happy reading!

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