Sunday, 30 March 2014

Day 28 : Grandparents!

          How lucky are we here to have grandparents as an entity living with us or somewhere near us unlike abroad! They are there to ferry our kids to school, take care of them, feed lunch to them, and also play with them. Is it not? Kids overall like the company of grandparents rather than parents because there are no rules to follow when with the former!

          At my home, melancholy sets in as I get ready to go to my parents' place. Swara's maternal grandparents are jubilant at this time. The reverse situation takes place when I have to leave from there. Strange, right? Not really! Anyway, our day 28 of the challenge hence was reserved for grandparents. The books read were -

  1. Aesop's fable
  2. Hello Kitty 'pet puppy'
  3. The never ending story from Tulika
  4. Granny's sari
  5. Grandpa goes on strike
  6. My grandfather's stick
  7. The story blanket
  8. My family from Pratham
  9. Rumniya by Rukmini Banerjee
  10. Days with Thathu
  11. Please write back by Jennifer E. Morris
  12. Just grandma and me by Mercer Mayer 
  13. Bubbles is careless
  14. Grandpa cherry blossom
  15. Wildred Gordon McDonald Patridge by Mem Fox
  16. Hello, is that grandma?
  17. The three little pigs
  18. Granpa
  19. Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Bruehner
  20. Hide and seek pig by Julia Donaldson
  21. The thinga-ma-jigger is coming today by Tish Rabe
  22. Where's my baby's Valentine? by Karen Katz
  23. Grandma's stories
  24. Week at grandma's from Berenstain Bears
  25. A laughing onion by Arun Elassery
  26. A bond of love by Pushpa Saxena
  27. The very hungry caterpillar
  28. Sudha Murty's Grandma's bag of stories
  29. The seed
  30. Mama's new job from Pepper series
  31. The ant and the chrysalis
  32. The ant and the dove
  33. My granny went to the market
  34. Goodnight moon
  35. The runaway bunny
  36. Minu and her hair
  37. Pepper learns to keep a promise
  38. Little red riding hood
  39. Growing up with Bubbles
  40. Bubbles becomes greedy
  41. Chhota Bheem in Damdaar dadaji
  42. Dadu book
  43. Snoring Shanmugham
  44. Grandpa's stories from Om books
  45. The Wednesday surprise by Eve Bunting
  46. Three strange keys by Enid Blyton
  47. Dorling Kindersley picture atlas
  48. Just grandpa and me
  49. Come over to my house
  50. A day at the police station
  51. Tracy and Snuggly blanket
  52. Jack and the flumflum tree by Julia Donaldson
  53. Spot goes to the fair by Eric Hill
  54. Grandma's eyes
  55. Zoe's first book of seasons
  56. Letchworth's stories with grandpa
That's it for today.
Happy reading!

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