Friday, 28 March 2014

Day 27 : Birthdays!

          It's day 27 today an dour challenge is solely inching towards its finale! Today, we received Birthdays as our reading prompt. And who is not excited on their birthdays? Young and old alike enjoy this day with cake, candles and cheer! So, how can books on birthdays be left far behind. Here is the list of who read what -
  1. The birthday box
  2. The little pea, little Oink, little Hoot series
  3. The secret birthday message by Eric Carle
  4. Zubi's birthday from BPI publications
  5. Today is Monday by Eric Carle
  6. Peppa pig's dentist trip
  7. My counting wheel by Libby Volke
  8. Topsy and Tim have a birthday party
  9. Busy little postman
  10. Dilly the dinosaur by Tony Bradman
  11. Thumbprints - art with your thumb - by Aravind Gupta
  12. Postman Bear by Julia Donaldson
  13. How many sleeps before my birthday by Mark Sperring
  14. Happy birthday biscuit by Alyssa Capucilli
  15. Surprise gifts by Asha Nehemiah
  16. It's my birthday from Ladybird
  17. Dr. Seuss' happy birthday to you
  18. Charlie and Lola's It's actually my party
  19. Party animals by Kathie Lee Gifford
  20. The very lonely firefly by Eric Carle
  21. Pepper is selfish
  22. 10 little dinosaurs
  23. The tiger in the tunnel
  24. Count counts a party (Sesame street)
  25. Who is afraid of the dark?
  26. The tale of Peter Rabbit
  27. It's amma's birthday tomorrow
  28. Time - ETL
  29. Ruskin Bond's Great Stories for Children
  30. Yes Hutoxi
  31. Nini at a birthday party
  32. Nini's guest at home
  33. A wonderful birthday - Princess series
  34. Room on the broom
  35. Hic!
  36. Little Honey
  37. Pepper and the new baby
  38. Spot's birthday party
  39. Teddy's birthday surprise - pop-up
  40. The ribbon from CBT
  41. Snappy sounds surprise party
  42. Happy birthday little Pokie by Sandra Boynton
  43. Alphablock
  44. Prince Dev turns 1
  45. Dancing on walls by Shamim Padamsee
  46. A present for Papa from CBT
  47. Hello from Tulika
  48. Where is my bat? from Pratham
  49. Kevin's birthday by Matt Ryan
  50. The Wednesday surprise by Eve Bunting
  51. Come to the circus - Fenella and Willie
  52. Pepper learns to take the blame
  53. Thumbelina
  54. Cats ahoy!
  55. Princess and the wizard
  56. Princess and the pig
  57. Gajapati kulapati
  58. The birthday dance party
  59. It's my birthday
  60. The red lemon by Bob Stake
  61. Playful little penguin by Tony Mitton
  62. Baby's first library : words
Happy reading!

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