Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Day 25 : Food!

          Food! The mere sight of something delicious on the table churns us inside when we are so hungry! If I am not satiated, I tend to lose my patience. Everyone at home knows this fact and so to calm me down, they always offer something to bite on!
          However, when it comes to children, we all know how they are so fussy about their foods, messy about their table manners and grouchy and not willing to gobble that food into their mouths. I am experiencing this and with time I have just learnt one thing - If Swara does not wish to eat I don't force her. I just leave the plate there and whenever she feels hungry, she comes on her own! Then, even if the plate is full of her unfavourite spinach, she will finish it. Try this - you will be seriously amazed. I should warn you though - you will have to take an effort to neglect your kid!

          And coming to this challenge, how can it be exciting without food as today's prompt. The books related to food are as follows -
  1. Today is Monday by Eric Carle
  2. Gajapati kulapati
  3. Book on time
  4. Blueberries for Sal
  5. Lassi, ice-cream or falooda?
  6. The magic melon from Usborne by Rosie Dickens
  7. Junior Kumbhakarna
  8. The dog and the bone
  9. The talking cave - a Panchatantra tale
  10. The silly story of Bondapalli
  11. The fox and the goat
  12. The magic porridge pot from Ladybird
  13. The big pancake from Ladybird
  14. Three for free by Greystone - Taiwanese folktale
  15. Enna Seiyalam (tamil)
  16. Adventures of Fixy the fox
  17. The sandwich swap
  18. Scrummy
  19. 10 apples up on top by Dr. Seuss
  20. I'm the best artist in the ocean by Kevin Sherry
  21. The runaway bunny by Margaret Wise Brown
  22. Pancakes, pancakes
  23. Samira's awful lunch
  24. Stone soup
  25. Green eggs and ham
  26. If a pig wants a pancake
  27. Pepper eats too much cake
  28. Jalebi curls from Tulika
  29. Chocolate mousse for greedy goose
  30. What shall I make? from Tulika
  31. The why why girl from Tulika
  32. Pepper learns about recycling
  33. Pepper gets a new pet
  34. Chatur yojana (hindi)
  35. The gruffalo
  36. Good night Alfie Atkins by Gunilla Bergstorm
  37. Sushila's kolam by Sridala Swami
  38. What does baby Mickey find?
  39. The very hungry caterpillar
  40. Food for a party
  41. Monsters munch lunch
  42. Where there's a bear, there's trouble by Michael Catchpool
  43. The tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr
  44. The tiny seed by Eric Carle
  45. Bubbles is greedy
  46. Bubbles has a toothache
  47. Alphablock
  48. Happy birthday little pokie by Sandra Boynton
  49. Lunchbox, the story of your food by Chris Butterworth
  50. Billy Tibbles moves out by Jan Fearnley
  51. Billy Bogglesworth and the road to Muffinville and other stories by David Whitney
  52. Pink Pepparoni by David Whitney
  53. Cookie rookie by Salem de Bezenac & Amy Upshaw
  54. Pat the cat
  55. Pat the puppy
  56. Yummy yucky by Sandra Boynton
  57. Apples are magic by Julia Seal
  58. The ugly vegetables by Grace Lin
  59. The lion and the mouse retold by Jerry Pinkney
  60. Baby's first library : numbers
  61. The runaway dinner
          And here is a choco chip cookie recipe which I made it with my daughter! Truly, we had an amazing bonding time. Its simple, attractive and healthy too! A Must-try!
Happy reading!

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