Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Day 3 : Jungle / Zoo

          Today, being Day #3, we received our reading prompt and it is listed here.
          All kids are excited and awed by animals, especially those living in a jungle. For a simple reason that they don't get to see these animals frequently! So a quick weekend trip to a nearby zoo or a national park or a wildlife sanctuary will do wonders in your kid's schedule. I, for one, missed to see the emotions displayed by my daughter when her school picnic was arranged in a nearby zoo (she had never visited a zoo before).

          So, when we began to read Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, she first described me what she saw in the zoo, which animals were there, not there (mind you, this happens every time we read this book since her visit!) and only then, she lets me read!

          Hence, today, I saw a golden opportunity to introduce a new book Yes Hutoxi to her. But alas, after leafing through 4 - 5 pages, it was back to Dear Zoo (oh no! not again!)

          This was the state at my place. For what happened elsewhere, here is the list!
  1. Yes Hutoxi by Tulika Publishers (apart from me, it was read by another participant)
  2. Krishna rocks by Chinmaya Bal Mission
  3. Kallu's world - 1 - In big trouble by Pratham books
  4. Ramona is brave
  5. It's magic
  6. The Pied Piper of Hamlin
  7. Mallipoo, where are you? by Tulika Publishers
  8. In Bon Bibi's forest by Tulika Publishers
  9. The Jungle Book by Disney
  10. Slowly, slowly, slowly said the sloth by Eric Carle
  11. Topsy and Tim go to the zoo by Jean & Gareth Adamson
  12. How the tiger got its stripes retold by Rob Cleveland
  13. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
  14. Pinocchio board book
  15. Little Mermaid board book
  16. Bubbles plays with fire
  17. Llama llama red pyjama
  18. Patched work Elmer
  19. The Berenstain Bears - hHug and make up
  20. The Berenstain Bears - Prized Pumpkin
  21. The Berenstain Bears - Moving day
  22. Catch that cat by Tulika Publishers
  23. Down and out and down and under by Geronimo Stilton
  24. A house for hermit crab by Eric Carle
  25. We all went on safari - A counting journey through Tanzania by laurie Krebs & Julia Cairns
  26. Hic! by Jadin Azoulag
  27. Gruffalo's child by Julia Donaldson
  28. We're going on a bear hunt by Michael Rossen & Helen Oxenbury
  29. Dear Zoo by Nandini Nayar & Soumya Menon
  30. Peekaboo in the farm
  31. Jungle stories from Panchatantra
  32. The big race
  33. 123 to the zoo by Eric Carle
  34. Manners at the park
  35. Jazzy in the jungle by Lucy Cousins
  36. Fun and games at the zoo by Kevin Price & Vicky Fieldhouse
  37. Where the wild things are
  38. Peely Wally by Kali Stileman
  39. Kattabommans trick by Soumya Rajendran
  40. Bukka learns a lesson
  41. The going to bed book
  42. Let's meet the lazy hippos by Macaw books
  43. Bear Feels sick
  44. Animal stories
  45. Santa's Christmas
  46. The jungle book - a pop-up adventure by Matthew Reinhart
  47. Hello kitty pet puppy
  48. No matter what by Debi Gliori
  49. What's that noise? by Francesca Simon / David Melling
  50. Busy busy grand ant by Sandhya Rao
  51. Babu Beluga
  52. Kahaani ek titli ki by Anjan Sarkar by NBT
  53. The elephant and the clever rabbit
  54. I gotta draw by Bruce Degan
  55. Mr. Little's noisy fire engine
  56. If you give a mouse a cookie
  57. Colours by David Bennett

Happy reading!


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