Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day 20 : The very hungry caterpillar

          Today, the very hungry caterpillar completes 45 years of publication! What a book it is! The like-cycle of a butterfly, counting numbers, days of the week, everything is crammed into that book without overwhelming its readers! hence, at the Bubble-Ink challenge, this was our today's prompt.

          Today, it also happens to be World Storytelling Day. Here is the list of all the magnificent stories told by their mommies to their little kids -

  1. The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle
  2. Brown bear brown bear what do you see? by Eric Carle
  3. The bad-tempered ladybug by Eric Carle
  4. No, David
  5. Feet problems from CBT
  6. Tulika's water stories
  7. The free mountain by Kaveri Chatterjee
  8. Danny and the dinosaur goes to the camp
  9. The story of Pradosham (how Lord Shiva came to have blue throat)
  10. The very busy spider by Eric Carle
  11. The little cloud
  12. The tiny seed
  13. The lizard's tail
  14. Brahma's butterfly
  15. Fancy Nancy sees stars by Jane O'Connor
  16. The glass tree by M. Mukundan
  17. Udte Udte (Urdu)  from Pratham
  18. The annual haircut day
  19. Hermit crab by Eric Carle
  20. The three little pigs
  21. The bird with golden wings by Sudha Murty
  22. The dwarf and the long beard from Arabian Nights
  23. The fisherman and the genie from Arabian Nights
  24. The very quiet cricket by Eric Carle
  25. From head to toe by Eric Carle
  26. Pinochchio
  27. Where do kisses come from?
  28. Animal moral stories
  29. My very first book of animal homes by Eric Carle
  30. Today is Monday
  31. Eric Carle's ABC
  32. Gorillas : Gentle giants of the forest
  33. Krishna rocks
  34. The very fierce carpenter
  35. Charlie Cook's favourite book by Julia Donladson
          You must be wondering only 35 books read today? That's because The Very Hungry Caterpillar was read 26 times in a single day in this challenge, by far, the most read one too! And yes, it was also the easiest compilation of everyone's reads till now!

          And to show our love and admiration to Eric Carle, we celebrated Eric Carle Day reading all his titles which we have so far - The very hungry caterpillar, the bad-tempered ladybug, the very quiet cricket, brown bear brown bear what do you see?, My very first book of animal homes and From head to toe. And if that was not enough, we also dabbled in a bit of craft. We made a colourful caterpillar using pom-pom balls.

Happy reading!

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