Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 1 : Hugs And Kisses

          An awesome start to Day 1! BubbleInk Writes chose the reading prompt very carefully. I am sure lots of mommies have received hugs and kisses from their little tots!
          The reading prompt for today can be viewed here or you can view it On Facebook Page.

          So here is what each of us read to our kids in random order.
  1. Born to read
  2. Who will teach Emperor Ashoka?
  3. Christopher Robin gives Pooh a party
  4. Snowball Soup
  5. Topsy And Tim Have A Birthday Party
  6. Ten Apples Up On Top
  7. Where Do Kisses Come From?
  8. A Kiss For Little Bear
  9. Hop on Pop
  10. Ask Mr. Bear
  11. I love you blue Kangaroo
  12. Rosa goes to the city
  13. McQueen car story book
  14. Shakespeare for kids
  15. The sly fox and the red hen
  16. The Emperor's new clothes
  17. The gingerbread man
  18. Around the house
  19. Gruffalo
  20. Monkey puzzle
  21. The Naughty Mole
  22. Gruffalo's Child
  23. Big bird's new nest and other goodnight stories
  24. DC super friends
  25. The very hungry caterpillar
  26. Chicken Licken
  27. Ranganna
  28. ACK series - Subramanya Bharathi
  29. Room on the broom
  30. Pepper learns good habits
  31. The lizard's tail
  32. Eye book by Dr. Seuss
  33. The three little pigs retold by John Duncan
  34. The story of Ferdinand
  35. Everything looks new
  36. The gingerbread man
  37. The wizard Of Oz
  38. Where is love, Biscuit?
  39. Dr. Seuss ABC
  40. Hug
  41. Getting dressed
  42. My truck is stuck
  43. Minnie Mouse a magical story
  44. Bubbles is lost
  45. Oliver
  46. Thomas and Lady Hatt's birthday party
  47. Wendel's workshop
  48. The astronomer
  49. Inside outside upside down
  50. Elmo loves you
  51. Mickey Mouse adventure tales and stories
  52. I love Papi
  53. I love Mami
  54. The baby who wouldn't go to bed
  55. Baby loves Spring
  56. The magic toy shop
  57. My first words and picture dictionary

Whoa! Over 55 books read in one day excluding the repetitions!
All the best for tomorrow!

As for us, we read Where Is Love, Biscuit? By 
Alyssa Satin Capucilli

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