Saturday, 22 March 2014

Day 19: Monsters and dragons

          No story is complete without a villain. Similarly, no fairy tale is complete without a monster or a dragon scaring the life out of innocent people! Hence, we had a whole day dedicated to Monsters and dragons as our reading prompt for this challenge!

          Barring a few, I came to know there are many many stories featuring good-hearted dragons too! Here is the list -

  1. Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak
  2. The pleasant rakshasa from Tulika
  3. The tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter
  4. The monsters who ate darkness
  5. Tulika's water stories
  6. Granny's sari from CBT
  7. Rajah's moustache from CBT
  8. The runaway wheel from CBT
  9. Surprise gifts from CBT
  10. Mrs. Woolly's funny sweaters from CBT
  11. Wedding clothes from CBT
  12. This little monster from Ladybird touch and feel
  13. Puff flies by Sally Grindley
  14. Bernard by David McKee
  15. Tha abduction of Sita
  16. Dragon's greediness
  17. Monster stories
  18. The gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
  19. The gruffalo's child by Julia Donaldson
  20. The dragon's scales - math reader level 3 by Sarah Albee
  21. Goldilocks and the three bears
  22. Monsters hunters by Parinita Shetty
  23. Vile - a cautionary tale for little monsters
  24. Zog by Julia Donaldson
  25. Whacky Wednesday by Theo LeSieg
  26. The susu pals by Richa Jha
  27. The paper bag princess
  28. It's Herb the vegetarian dragon
  29. Folk tales from India
  30. Room on the broom
  31. There's a dragon at my school by Philip Hawthorn
  32. The day Jimmy's boa ate the wash by Trinka Hakes Noble
  33. Holi story from Indian festivals
  34. Singh ane undar (gujarati version of lion and mouse)
  35.  Monsters' munch lunch
  36. Dancing dinos
  37. The great goat chase
  38. The return of the Jabberwock
  39. The ravenous beast of Niamh Sharkey
  40. A beasty story
  41. How much I love you
  42. When Vishnu became an arrow from Indian Mythological Tales from Nita Mehta Publications
  43. Princess Azzurra and the gluttonous dragon by Wilsa Favi
  44. The mountain monster
  45. The old red stocking by Enid Blyton
  46. Tyrannosaurus drip by Julia Donaldson
  47. Disney's Monsters Inc.
  48. Monsters University
  49. The noisy night monsters by Julia Seal
  50. The goblin who imitated the framer's speech from Muffin Stories
  51. Moin and the monster
  52. Monsters in my mailbox!
  53. Dragons by Judy Tatchell
          Today, we read Where the wild things are before going to school and Room on the broom right after school! I told her we still have time to go to school. So, she said that we will read a book till then. I was so delighted when she came with a book to read.

Happy reading!

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