Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Day 17: Colors!

          Ever wondered what if our life was just a shade of black and white? The coolness of the ocean, the liveliness of daffodil fields, the greenery surrounding the mountains would become so lifeless and seem like a movie of the black and white era!

          Colors give us myriad forms of emotions and break the monotony of life! Hence, after the prompt of emotions, it was rightly decided by Bubbleink Writes to have a prompt on colors. Today, being Holi, It couldn't have been more apt! Here is the list of colorful books read in the challenge -

  1. Brown bear brown bear, what do you see? by Eric Carle
  2. The mixed-up chameleon by Eric Carle
  3. Babe and the bunny
  4. Ranganna
  5. The boy who loved color
  6. Pranav's picture
  7. My colorful pencils by Massoumeh Ansarian from Pratham
  8. Colors in my world by Devika Rangachari
  9. Casper the chameleon
  10. The color kittens by Margaret Wise Brown
  11. Amma tell me about Holi
  12. The mountain that loved the bird
  13. I love colors by Hans Wilhelm - Scholastic reader 1
  14. Mouse paint by Ellenstoll Walsh
  15. A rainbow of my own by Don Freeman
  16. The artist who painted a blue horse by Eric Carle
  17. Color zoo by Louis Elhert
  18. Run pumpkin run
  19. Patrick by Quentin Blake
  20. Elmer and the big bird
  21. New tricks I can do from Cat in the Hat series
  22. Three friends by Indu Harikumar
  23. Head to toe by Eric Carle
  24. Bubbles finds a red ball
  25. First concepts - colors
  26. Wise and otherwise by Sudha Murty
  27. Purple Jojo
  28. Brahma's butterfly
  29. Elmer's colors by David McKee
  30. Tom Thumb - read-aloud book from Sterling
  31. I see colors
  32. Blue chameleon
  33. Prahlad - the story of Holi
  34. Little honey
  35. The very quiet cricket by Eric Carle
  36. The king and his wish
  37. Who is the prettiest? by Janaki Sooriyachchi
  38. One hundred feet
  39. Lazy Lenny
  40. I'll teach my dog a lot of words!
  41. Hamilton's hat
  42. Color color kamini from Tulika
  43. Llama llama red pyjama by Anna Dewdney
  44. Brown paper bear by Neil Reed
  45. The blue jackal from Panchatantra tales
  46. The rainbow monster by Ul de Rico
  47. Rhinoceros bathtime (let's go to zoo series)
         There were a lot of repetitions so the books read are less today. The repetitions include Ranganna, Amma tell me about Holi, The color kittens, brown bear brown bear what do you see? and the mixed-up chameleon.

Happy reading!  

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