Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Day 23 : Friendship!

          We cannot choose our family, but we can certainly choose our friends! goes a saying like this. And., it's so true. Maybe, that's why, friends occupy a special place in our hearts. And Friendship also occupied a place in our challenge as today's prompt.

          And now, it's so happening regularly, that there is a serious dearth of suitable books for the prompt at my place! Hope things change soon as I'm in a frenzy ordering so many books at one go that it's getting difficult to keep track (and I'm not kidding!). Perhaps, if there is a such a contest happening ever again, I will be better prepared! For now, let's turn to today's reads -

  1. Best friends are forever by Richa Jha
  2. All about the circus
  3. George Baker
  4. Morpurgo's Mudpuddle farm
  5. Sonali's friend by Alaka Shankar
  6. Nayana and the not so scary owl by Anita Vachcharajani
  7. Granny's sari
  8. Pepper gets a new friend
  9. Charlotte's web by E. B. White
  10. How koala got a stumpy tail
  11. Why the bat comes out at night?
  12. Handa's surprise
  13. Panchatantra stories
  14. The susu pals by Richa Jha
  15. Night night little pokie by Sandra Boynton
  16. Forever friends
  17. Where are you going?
  18. Amelia Bedelia makes a friend
  19. Topsy and Tim make a new friend
  20. Rocks and minerals easy natgeo reader
  21. The Pied Piper of Hamelin
  22. The four friends from 365 stories for boys
  23.  Pokiri parrot and the needle nosed Ojha
  24. Oscar the grouch
  25. Pepper on the table
  26. Heidi
  27. Curious George goes fishing
  28. Stories from Hippo by Mona Manjunath
  29. Winnie the Pooh's grand and wonderful day
  30. Pahuni by Madhuri Purandare
  31. Mukhavate by Madhuri Purandare
  32. The watermelon route
  33. Mouse, mole and the falling star from Little Tiger Press
  34. Krishna and Sudama from Bhagwat Purana
  35. Noah's adventure from Stories for 5 year olds
  36. The best den ever from Stories for 5 year olds
  37. Maisy tidies up by Lucy Cousins
  38. I love you all day long by Francesca Rusackas
  39. Little blue truck
  40. Goodnight moon
  41. My truck is stuck
  42. Magic pot magazine
  43. Dharma and Adharma from Panchatantra
  44. The four friends from Panchatantra
  45. Everett Anderson's friend by Lucille Cliffton
  46. Disney's Feelings and friends - WTP
  47. Just my friend and me by Mercer Mayer
  48. Insect friends - Sparkle fun set and beautiful butterflies
  49. My adventures with Dora the explorer
  50. Fox makes friends by Adam Relf
  51. Squirrels' busy day by Lucy Barnard
  52. Calvin and Hobbes
  53. Immi's gift by Karin Littlewood
  54. Hand hand finger thumb by Al Perkins
  55. Best friends by Nina Sabnis
  56. Dora loves boots
          Hope the friendships in your lives last forever!
Happy reading!

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