Monday, 17 March 2014

Day 14 : I am I!

          I am I - This phrase is heard so little now-a-days when everyone is rushing and scampering off to be someone else. Youngsters want to emulate Bollywood stars, they look up to their icons brushing off the advice given by the parents away. In this age, we need to respect ourselves for what we truly are!

         Here is the list of books which tells the same to our kids. Hope we bring up a generation where they carve their own identity and not get swayed in the mad rush! -
  1. Akshada and the glass slippers
  2. Dora little star book
  3. Elmer
  4. The mixed-up chameleon by Eric Carle
  5. Book Uncle and me
  6. Listen to my body by Noni
  7. My mother's sari by Sandhya Rao
  8. Ranganna from Tulika
  9. The Rajah's moustache from CBT
  10. The story of Shanmiyang
  11. Color color Kamini
  12. Rooster Raga
  13. Mr. Small by Roger Hargreaves
  14. The saggy baggy elephant by K & B Jackson
  15. The town mouse and the country mouse by Molly Perham
  16. I wish I had duck feet by Dr. Seuss
  17. Head to toe by Eric Carle
  18. The lion and the mouse by Jerry Pinkney
  19. the unboy boy by Richa Jha
  20. Aesop fables
  21. What I like about me by Allia Zobel Nolan
  22. Always by Ann Stott
  23. Tara Tomboy Princess - Tara's favorite things
  24. Ingenious Jean by Susan Chandler
  25. Ernie gets lost - Sesame Street Series
  26. Three friends by Indu Harikumar
  27. That's the one by Bernard Ashley
  28. Spoon by Amy Kroose Rosenthal
  29. Shakuntala from ACK
  30. Giraffes can't dance
  31. Mr. Noisy
  32. Wow said the owl
  33. Go, dog, go by P. D. Eastman
  34. Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson & Emily Gravett
  35. Fledolin upside down from Katha world library
  36. Sylvester the singing sheep
  37. I am special
  38. Shhh
  39. Dumbo by Disney
  40. The very hungry caterpillar by eric Carle
  41. Happy birthday baby, Dr. Seuss
  42. Chocolate mousse for greedy goose by Julia Donaldson
  43. Doing the animal bop
  44. Happy birthday, little pookey
  45. The musical donkey
  46. Toes, ears and nose by Bauer and Katz
  47. Gatila from Katha
  48. I'm so sleepy from Tulika
  49. You look funny by Joy Kim
  50. The red stocking by Enid Blyton
  51. Mr. Grumpy's outing
  52. Mr. Cool, Mr. Imperfect and Mr. Perfect from Mr. Men series
  53. The not-so-perfect penguin by Steve Smallman
  54. Goldilocks
  55. The three Billy goats gruff
  56. Thomas in trouble - Thomas and the tank engine
Today, we didn't read books appropriate for the prompt but nevertheless, we read books which were Swara's fav ones!

Happy reading!

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