Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Day 24 : My body!

          Before our children step out in the big bad world by themselves (right from Nursery - they are alone without us!), let us take a pledge that we will properly introduce the subject of anatomy and explain them according to their age. Also, we must explain them right touch and wrong touch and encourage communication on this topic in order to not face any untoward situation later. I'm not propagating this because I have a daughter, but it is very much needed today in these testing times even if you have a son!

          Hence, I was very happy when we received Inside your Outside as our challenge prompt. We needed to read books based on our bodies. Here is the list of books read fro this prompt -

  1. Ranganna
  2. Listen to my body
  3. Toes, ears and nose by Marian Dane
  4. Brushing your teeth can be fun
  5. Little fingers
  6. Shiva and Arjun
  7. Lizard's tail
  8. Inside your outside
  9. The foot book
  10. The nose book
  11. Minu and her hair
  12. Head to toe
  13. Picture book on body parts
  14. Aesop fables
  15. Childcraft - Body
  16. The secrets of our body
  17. The unboy boy
  18. Peppa pig
  19. Inside you
  20. What's inside my body?
  21. 101 first words
  22. Things that go
  23. Baby animals board book
  24. Grandma's tales from Sudha Murty
  25. Here are my hands by Bill Martin Jr.
  26. The runaway puppy
  27. Pepper crosses the road
  28. Pepper has a fight
  29. Kharghosh aur sher (hindi)
  30. Jalebi curls
  31. Litlle painters
  32. I am not going to get up
  33. Detective Arthur on the scent by Margaret Fulson
  34. I am special
  35. Where did it go?
  36. The robot
  37. Mia and her toothbrush from The Max and Mia
  38. Where is love, biscuit?
  39. Ten little fingers and ten little toes by Fox and Oxenbury
  40. Potty by Leslie Patricelli
  41. How many sleeps till my birthday?
  42. Quincy and the dinosaurs by Susan Ring
  43. A present for Papa from CBT
  44. The hand book by David Whitney
  45. I spy lightning in the sky
  46. I can do it - Sesame Street
  47. Eyes, nose, funny bones by Janet & Allan Ahlberg
  48. I can read with my eyes shut
  49. Baby's first library - Numbers
  50. Look at me from Pratham
          From head to toe was read 4 times in a single day including us too! Don't forget to give a big hug and a sweet kiss when you finish reading!
Happy Reading!

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