Friday, 14 March 2014

Day 11 : Now, I know my ABCs

          ABCDEFG......          When I saw this as our prompt of the reading challenge, I moved back to my kindergarten days. Though, I couldn't remember everything what all I learnt there, I am so blessed to experience those days again through my toddler's life. I couldn't contain my excitement when Swara started to utter her ABC song even before she was two! I recorded her alphabet song the next time she sang. I am going to make her listen when she grows up! The most amazing thing about that song was there were never 26 alphabets in her version! (She was not able to say all the letters at that time!)

          Though we have only one book of Dr. Seuss's ABC, we didn't read that book. Instead, we read I don't want to go to bed by Julie Sykes. Here is the list of others' reads-

  1. My first little mother Goose
  2. Chicka chicka boom boom
  3. ABC3D pop-up from Tara books
  4. My name is Amrita
  5. A trail of paint by Jamini Roy
  6. Hey, that's an A by Jerry Pinto
  7. The heart of winter by Eiko Takeda
  8. Happy Alphabets
  9. Apple pie by Kate Greenway
  10. A 'miaow' and a 'roar' from Pratham books
  11. Dr. Seuss ABC
  12. On beyond Zebra
  13. Oliver by Syd Hoff
  14. The horse in Harry's room by Syd Hoff
  15. Yakkity Yak by Bennita Sen
  16. The mouse with seven tails by Bapsi Sidhwa
  17. Aplhabets are amazing animals by Anushka Ravishankar
  18. Ladybird's My best friend
  19. The great ABC treasure hunt
  20. K is for kissing a cool kangaroo by Giles Andreae
  21. This is our house by Michael Rosen
  22. My first big book of alphabets
  23. Benjamin Bunny visits the doctor
  24. Z is for a moose by Kelly Bingham
  25. Chocolate mousse for greedy goose
  26. Pahuni (marathi) by Madhuri Purandare
  27. A chair for my mother
  28. Chicka chicka ABC
  29. Paragon's alphabet book
  30. Little Miss Trouble by Roger Hargreaves
  31. Little Miss Brainy by Roger Hargreaves
  32. Mr. funny by Roger Hargreaves
  33. Scooby-Doo - your everyday hero
  34. Tuby and Speedy from Drive-along tales
  35. I don't want to go to bed by Julie Sykes
  36. My mother's sari by Sandhya Rao
  37. On the top the pin was from Katha
  38. Alphabets book
  39. Abc book and charts
  40. Curious George and the puppies
  41. Fun with word search all rounder
  42. Magic Pot
  43. Disney Winnie and the friends
  44. Are you my mother? by P.D.Eastman
  45. A is for apple (trace and flip fun) by Georgie Birkett
  46. Alphabet puzzle from Frank
  47. Colour colour Kamini
  48. Hop on pop by Dr. Seuss
  49. Tigger's Giant lift-the-flap
  50. Z goes home by Jon Agee
  51. Bhima and the fragrant flower by A. Ramachandran And Chameli
  52. Happy baby ABC
  53. Baby's first library - words
That's it for day 11!
Happy reading!

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