Monday, 17 March 2014

Day 13 : Wonder wheels

          Children are fascinated with whichever thing that moves be it a train, a toy or a bus. I remember whenever we used to go on long journeys to my native place by bus or train, I would be dozing off to sleep by occupying the most-prized possession - the window seat! And then, when my sister came along, I cannot the forget the silly fights we used to have over who will take the window first. Ultimately, my mother decided that she will be tossing a coin for us. So, we used to ask her the duration of the journey and calculate accordingly how much time will one get at the window!

          Coming back to our challenge, we received a prompt - wonder wheels! We had to read books on modes of transport! This topic is not covered extensively with Swara simply because we have travelled only by plane and car till now. Guess, it's time to take her on a train journey!

          So, mommies, fasten your seat belts and get ready to experience the exciting reading journey! Bon Voyage!
  1. The magic school bus
  2. Bears on wheels by Stan & Jan Berenstain
  3. Hello kitty, play I spy
  4. Mrs. Armitage on wheels
  5. Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel
  6. Usborne Internet-linked Ancient World
  7. The adventures of Toto the auto
  8. Jack and the beanstalk
  9. The runaway wheel by Asha Nehemiah
  10. The little red caboose by Marian Potter
  11. The salt merchant and his ass from Mango
  12. Rambling Ted's brilliant invasion by Lindsay Camp
  13. Richard Scarry's Cars and trucks and things that go
  14. The great race from Tara
  15. Thomas and the tank engine
  16. When Titus took the train by Ann Cottringer
  17. Bears on the moon by Satn & Jan Berenstain
  18. Thomas' busy day     
  19. Snoring Shanmugham from Tulika
  20. Thomas' big book of beginner books
  21. The train to Timbuctoo by Margaret Wise Brown
  22. Dan the fireman
  23. Peter steals the jeep
  24. Autocar magazine
  25. Vehicles board book
  26. Siri's smile by Tulika
  27. A silly story of Bonadapalli
  28. Bell the cat from My best moral stories
  29. The fossil girl
  30. My truck is stuck by Kevin Lewis
  31. Wheels on the bus rhymes
  32. transportation picture book
  33. The princess and the pea - read aloud treasure tales by Sterling
  34. Little blue truck by Alice Schertle
  35. Thomas, Bertie and the bumpy line
  36. The railway children
  37. The fat controller
  38. Thomas and friends series
  39. Roaring rockets
  40. The little red bus from Stories for 1 year olds by Igloo
  41. The little blue train from Stories for 1 year olds by Igloo
  42. Curious George and the firefighters
  43. Disney cars - racing colours
  44. The very hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
  45. The timid train from Pratham books
  46. Satya's boat from Tulika
  47. The flying train by Janaki Sooriyachchi
  48. Mr. Twiddle and the tooth-paste by Enid Blyton
  49. On the way to Sesame Street
  50. Bus for Miss Moss from Usborne
  51. Thomas the train
  52. Disney's jungle junction
  53. Noddy and the naughty paint truck
  54. Billy the bulldozer
  55. When I care about others by Cornelia Spelman
  56. Baby's first library words
         You can now unfasten your seat-belts as we have arrived at our destination!  The most read books fro this prompt were The Adventures of Toto the auto series, the runaway wheel and Thomas Series!

          We too read the adventures of Toto the auto, Runaway wheel and two short stories featuring a train and a bus from Stories for 1 year olds by Igloo Publishers.

Happy reading! 

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