Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day 10 : Toy story

          Toys are the most inseparable part of our growing up. They make break, get lost, get dirty but we cling on them as if it's our life! But, of course, the adults don't understand the emotions of trust and loyalty we have for our toys. Almost everybody has a favourite toy from childhood which give fond memories to stow away in our heads!

          Hence, at the Challenge, our Day 10 Prompt was Toys. Here is the list of books read on day 10-
  1. The velveteen rabbit by Margery Williams
  2. Baby bops toys from Barney series
  3. Too many toys by David Shannon
  4. The little wooden horse by Ursula Moray from Puffin
  5. Talaabs of Darbhanga
  6. My colourful kite from Pratham
  7. Where is my bat? from Pratham
  8. The timid train by Bharati Jagannathan
  9. Nini's pile of toys
  10. Pepper wants too many toys
  11. Curious George
  12. Bruno, put your toys away
  13. Anushka's puppets of India
  14. The tin soldier
  15. Nurse Nancy by Kathryn Jackson
  16. Walt Disney's Pinocchio
  17. The goblin's toy shop and other stories by Enid Blyton
  18. Gadagada gudugudu (Tamil)
  19. Thomas and friends series - A bad day for Harold
  20. Knuffle Bunny free
  21. There's a dragon at my school by Jenny Tyler & Philip Hawthorn
  22. Curious George visits the zoo
  23. A blessing from above by Patti Henderson
  24. The land of toys
  25. Stick Man by Julia Donaldson
  26. Owl babies
  27. The blue umbrella by Ruskin Bond
  28. Noddy in Toyland by Enid Blyton
  29. The sailor doll from 365 stories for boys
  30. Elmer and the wind
  31. Tinkle
  32. The toy horse
  33. Corduroy
  34. Pepper and the new baby
  35. The Snowman from Oxford reading tree series
  36. Maisy's snowy Christmas Eve by Lucy Cousins
  37. Bruno learns to share
  38. Bridge to Lanka retold by Aparna Nambiar
  39. Bhintinvarle Naach (marathi) by Shamim Padamsee
  40. Bruno - the artist
  41. Zhaad (marathi) by L.M.Kadu
  42. Better bath times
  43. The silly little rabbit
  44. Pepper is jealous
  45. I want that
  46. The nutcracker
  47. The very quiet cricket by Eric Carle
  48. What shall I make? by Nandini Nayar & Proiti Roy
  49. One Ted falls out of bed by Julia Donaldson
  50. Giggle, Giggle, what's so funny?
  51. Cinderella
  52. When the Earth lost its shape from Karadi Tales
  53. The magic toy shop
  54. Amelia Jane and the soap by Enid Blyton
  55. The whale who ate everything
  56. Pepper series
  57. Ollie and the lost toy by Lucy Richards
  58. Don't worry, Wanda from Stories for 3 year olds by Igloo Books
  59. Pencil's day out by Vizhiyan
  60. Spot's favoourite toy by Eric Hill
  61. Where's my blankie? from Sesame Street
  62. Little Miss Muffet by Elmo sing-along
  63. That's mine
We read the very quiet cricket by Eric Carle. Swara was fascinated by the sound the board book lets out when we open the last page.

Happy reading!

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