Thursday, 24 July 2014

#Lovebook Exchange - I can make things!

#Lovebook Exchange -

          As I already stated here that I'm taking part in a book exchange program hosted by The Educator's Spin On It! I'm so excited since it's happening for the first time in India and I am glad to have met so many good fellow mommy bloggers during this program.

          As I said it is a book exchange program, so we had to pack a complete set consisting of a book and some art and craft activities related to the book and send it to the recipient. You can browse here as to what did I send to Prajakta and her lovely daughter Kuhu.

          Along came a package neatly wrapped for me and Swara, my daughter by a well-known story-teller and a mommy blogger Rituparna Ghosh. It contained a bi-lingual book called 'I can make things' authored by Mini Shrinivasan and published by Pratham Books. Inside were not one, not two but four different activities and a beautiful hand-written note carrying all instructions for us! I loved her detailing where she drew some illustrations if we encountered a problem while doing the activities. She was very thoughtful to provide her contact no. so that we could call her if we got stuck! Thank you Ritu!

          Well, as for the activities, I let Swara do most of the things like sticking and pasting so you will have to please forgive her for not getting it up to the mark. I didn't interfere much as I wanted to give her complete freedom in choosing where to stick stars, embellishments, paper bits etc. So, you will see that the final craft is neither symmetrical nor color-coordinated as to everything depended upon her fancy. Oh, can you see all blue stars placed in one line over here?

          We had to do four activities - an octopus, a butterfly mobile, a princess crown, and  four fishes for a HOOK-LINE-SINKER game! We started off with the octopus and finished with the butterfly at last. Since there were four activities, I spaced them out over a week along with the book reading so she could get ample time to also play with her crafts. She was so excited every time to do something new as it also gave her ample opportunity to create something with her own hands. She would proudly show all her family members what she did that particular day!

          I am attaching our snaps here which are all self-explanatory and which also convey how much fun we had in creating these craft elements.

Well, what can I say! I had a wonderful time bonding with my daughter over this program! And I thank Ritu especially for sending us such a wonderful package. Last but not the least, thank you Kim for hosting this in India and BubbleInk for your efforts to make it happen here!