Monday, 14 July 2014

#Lovebook Exchange

   Love Book Exchange

                    A lovely opportunity for Indian Mommy Bloggers to participate in a book exchange was provided and I jumped at the chance. It was hosted by The Educator's Spin On It. Actually, it was hosted outside India but thanks to persistent efforts of a fellow mommy blogger Kim of The Educator's Spin On It hosted it here too.

                    I must say that I'm glad to be taking a part in this exchange. The books exchanged are fabulous. Along with the books, we need to create an activity circling around the theme of the book and also provide all the articles for it in the package.

                   Phew! The past days went so quickly that I was in a frenzy about which book to be given for exchange. The first difficulty was that it should not be duplicated. Second, it should be understood and liked by the exchange partner. Thirdly, you need to devise activities based on the book. I spent a lot of time hunting through Pinterest boards, Facebook pages, various blogs and finally came up with two activities.

                    Then came the part of arranging materials for the activities. It's done now. The book packed. Materials packed. The box packed and decorated. It's looking like this -

I hope my exchange partner Prajakta likes the book and the activities.

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