Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Children are so innocent!

           Last weekend, my in-laws and me, we were watching 'Bal Ganesha' with my two year old. It was her first time to watch a movie. I have not allowed her to watch any movies up till now, not even cartoons! This, I must confess! So, coming back to this movie, I was a little apprehensive whether she will understand (?), get bored (?), enjoy(?) etc.

          But I was totally taken aback when she started getting restless and frantic. I asked what happened, but she couldn't explain. I calmed her down and then very peacefully tackled her ongoing frustration.

          Finally, after much cajoling, she showed me the DVD cover of Lord Ganesha! And then it struck me a like a bolt of lightning! Actually, when the movie starts, Lord Ganesha has a human head and not an elephant head! She just couldn't recognize him! Also, she was not able to follow the story too! Every time, at prayer time, at story time, she knows that Lord Ganesha has an elephant head!

          Then, I fast forwarded a little and showed her Lord Ganesha. She was so overjoyed!

          Children are so innocent. Guess how he got an elephant head has to be told in a story now!

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